IV Rehydration Comes to Columbus with Revive

Still feeling it from the holidays? Whether it’s a massive hangover or a cold you just can’t shake, you probably just want to feel better ASAP. Recently launched concierge IV hydration service Revive thinks they might be just the thing you need.

A team of board certified anesthesiologists and a registered nurse are bringing the concept that has been gaining popularity in other cities not just to Central Ohio, but right to your doorstep. On Saturdays and Sundays, the team will come to your home or  hotel room and take on the worst hangover, illness, jet lag or post-workout dehydration you’ve got with a mix of intravenous fluids. Optional add-ins like nausea and anti-inflammatory medication tackle extra aches and pains.

Kathryn Seward, founder and managing director explained to The Metropreneur what “concierge IV hydration” actually means and how they can get you on the road to recovery faster.

[M] Tell me about your background and how the idea for Revive developed.

I lead a very active lifestyle, love to travel and have been known to have a little fun! I hate the effects of feeling dehydrated – low energy, headache, general malaise – and it’s hard to become hydrated quickly by just drinking water, depending on how dehydrated you are. IV hydration companies are popping up all over the country and are already successful in other big cities.

[M] What services does Revive provide?

Concierge IV hydration. What that really means is that you can pick up the phone, call Revive and a medical professional will come to you and provide a customized treatment (we offer three levels for our four most common ailments) via an IV. Forty-five minutes later we will be gone and you will be feeling revived! Common ailments might be headache, dry mouth and upset stomach.

[M] Why might someone call Revive? Who is your target customer?

Whether one is dehydrated from one too many glasses of wine the night before, jet lag, a hard workout or even the flu, we can provide the hydration you need to feel yourself again. It is an affordable luxury, almost like having the spa come to you. Our target audience is socially and physically active adults, but truthfully the beauty of this product is we can help any adult. How many adults do you know that haven’t been sick, hungover, jet lagged or in need of a boost after an intense workout?

[M] This concept has been popping up in other cities…Why Columbus?

Columbus is a young, active, vibrant city and that is really who Revive caters to. Columbus deserves services offered in other major cities. IV hydration is currently being offered in NYC, Chicago, LA, Nashville, Vegas – why not Columbus?

[M] What has the reception been like? Is this something people have been familiar with or do you find its a learning curve?
People are excited about this idea and opportunity. It is a bit of a learning curve, but once you realize you can feel better after a night out in an hour and your whole day will not be wasted feeling crummy on the couch, you will be hooked.

For more information visit reviveandrecover.com.