Jackpot Treats Bakes Up Vegetarian Goodies for Pups

People aren’t the only ones with food allergies. Man’s best friend can be sensitive to many of the same allergens as humans. Protecting the sensitive pups, local dog lover Liz Martin created vegetarian treat line, Jackpot Treats.

“I wanted the treats to be very allergen conscious,” Martin says. Jackpot Treats are wheat, corn, soy and egg free. She carefully selects and lists each ingredient so owners have zero worry if they are feeding their pup something questionable.

“All the treats that I make are vegetarian,” she says. Martin isn’t against meat, but, “Making them vegetarian makes them more available to anyone.”

The treats come in five flavors – peanut butter, cheese, pumpkin, berry and carob. Martin uses ingredients like brown rice flour, local oats, flax seed, olive oil,  and local products such as peanut butter from Krema Nut and organic blueberries from the Blueberry Patch to bake the goodies.

“I use about 50 percent local ingredients, 30 percent organic ingredients – really human quality food,” Martin says. The original recipe treats are baked with all American-made ingredients.

lucky-dogs-02Martin came up with the idea for Jackpot Treats in 2012 after adopting a dog with chicken allergies.

“I was having trouble finding treats that were trustworthy and affordable,” she says. At the time there were several canine deaths related to dog treats made in China.

As she started making her own treats, Martin wanted to hold a dog treat bake sale to raise money for the animal shelter. After learning of the rules and regulations that were required for dog feed or treats – even for a one day sale – she decided to turn the idea into a business, taking the necessary steps to make sure Jackpot Treats met the guidelines.

Martin’s treats are pup-approved. It took some trial and error, and a whole lot of finding random test treats stashed around the house by her own dogs, but she didn’t stop creating until the dogs were happy with all the flavors.

Jackpot Treats have received primarily positive reception from humans as well. All of the retail locations at which they are available have approached Martin to sell, instead of the other way around.

The treats run $8 per bag for eight ounces and are available through a variety of outlets.

Dog owners can find the treats at places like Celebrate Local, Bexley Natural Market and Lucky’s market. Martin also frequents community events like the Moonlight Market and the 400 W. Rich Farmers Market. She values the customer interaction such avenues provide instead of just selling the treats at retailers or through her website.

“You need to actually meet your consumers,” she advises.

For more information, visit jackpot-treats.com.