JETPAK aims to bring new inventions, ideas to market quickly

A unique member-owned innovation lab focused on bringing fresh inventions and ideas to market quickly is giving local creatives a sandbox of sorts for exploring new ideas.

Established this year, JETPAK is made up of more than 10 professionals who have expertise in marketing and public relations, graphic design and branding, and industrial design and user experience.

“The really compelling┬áthing about JETPAK is that, as creative entrepreneurs at heart, all of us get to work with other discipline experts that share a passion for designing and launching the next big thing,” says Christian Deuber, co-founder of JETPAK.

Christian Deuber, co-founder of JETPAK.

Each project originates with one of JETPAK’s members.

“We’ve got hundreds of ideas sitting in a project queue and we break out at least once a month to personally pitch our ideas to the team at large,” Deuber explains. “Before we put pen to paper regarding the next big idea, we’ll do some initial market research and survey the general public to make sure that our concept is a sellable product that others are excited about too.”

Spawned by the brand launch specialists at Columbus-based Launch Farm, JETPAK was founded on a shared, micro-equity ownership model for each team member.

Essentially, each team member is offering a set number of professional service hours in exchange for a small equity stake in a particular project. Once a new product is creating revenue via online sales, digital downloads, licensing agreements, advertising fees and the like, each team member on that particular project shares the profits.

“With the recent emergence of crowdfunding, rapid prototyping and social influence, we strongly believe that it’s time for the restless, creative minds in Columbus to band together and evolve the local innovation landscape,” Deuber says.

At the moment, JETPAK is developing its website and online store.

Those interested in working with JETPAK should contact Christian Deuber via email at [email protected].