JobDoc Streamlines Data Process for Field Service Workers

Tracking job orders and before and after photos from the top of a roof was time-consuming and tricky. So roofing contractor Eric Zajdel decided to streamline the process with an iOS application that organizes notes, photos and videos of a job all in one place.

“We’re a communication tool for field service folks,” Zajdel says.

Contractors download the JobDoc app to their iOS device and enter their basic information to get started. The app has a geo-locater that automatically finds their jobsite location. A contractor fills out their client’s information including email address, then adds any documentation necessary about the project. A JobDoc file can hold notes, up to 25 photos and one video.

The app acts as an organization tool and storage device for job photos. Once all of the information is compiled, a contractor emails the JobDoc to their client, even if they are still standing in the middle of a roof. The receiver doesn’t need JobDoc to open the files, which each have a unique time and date stamp that indicate exactly when the work was done. A client might also receive a link to a hosted video.

“It’s like a private YouTube,” Zajdel says.

The receiver can then save any files they need on their device. An online portal also allows a user to see all of their JobDocs both completed and in-process.


The app launched early this year. Zajdel says they have several hundred downloads from all over the world. When the project started, he thought it would just be a great tool to use within his industry, however he has been amazed at the different service industries utilizing the technology. Outside of roofing and construction uses, the app can be helpful for restoration companies, insurance agencies, property managers and retailers.

Customer feedback has been positive. And, Zajdel has seen many cases of the app’s ease-of-use increasing revenue.

“I think for most people it will increase their business 20 percent,” he says. Contractors can use the app to help clients see issues they might otherwise be unaware of.

“You just don’t get people to come up on a roof and take a look at things,” he says.

The idea for the app came from Zajdel’s personal experience in the industry. His company was contacted to several certified manufacturers that required before and after photos, as well as documentation of steps in the process. Networking through friends led him to a developer who thought he had seen it all. But, when he heard the idea, he wanted to be a part of it. Testing and trials led to an internal launch with just a few in the field, but as interest increased, JobDoc began the Apple App certification process.

JobDoc is currently running a Fundable campaign targeting a redesign and build-out for Android. Zajdel expects the availability on Android to greatly increase the number of users.

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