Join the Conversation at Positioned to Prosper: Businesses that Drive Impact

SocialVentures presents Positioned to Prosper 2022: Evolution featuring Kimberly Blackwell

SocialVentures is thrilled to announce Kimberly Blackwell as the featured guest at its annual Positioned to Prosper event on October 4, 2022. Blackwell, CEO of PMM Agency, is a powerhouse who started her career in a 600-square foot apartment and built a multi-million dollar business. 

With experience from the White House to boardrooms and the lecture circuit, and no stranger to a whiteboard challenge, Blackwell has earned a reputation as a trusted business counselor. Representing the Fortune 1 as well as Fortune 500 multibillion-dollar interests of global corporations, her brand is at the intersection of impact, commerce and culture. At Positioned to Prosper, along with sharing insights from her own journey, Blackwell will lead a panel discussion with inspiring women leading social enterprises making a difference in Central Ohio.

“Supporting women leading purpose-driven businesses is one of the most important things we can do,” Blackwell shared.

SocialVentures’ annual fundraising event brings together community advocates, corporate and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and all champions of social enterprise. Historically, the mission has hosted a celebration of the ecosystem at Positioned to Prosper. This year, they made the purposeful pivot to host a forum for social impact. Along with recognition of Elizabeth Brown, city council president pro tem and honorary Positioned to Prosper chairperson, highlights include the impact of this year’s new programs, the inaugural Business on Purpose Award, and a diverse lineup of presenters including social enterprise founders Jerry Valentine of Renter Mentor and Aaron Westbrook of Form5. 

Rokki Bonner – Photo courtesy Fit to Navigate

The focal point of the evening sheds light on WISE – Women In Social Enterprise, a pillar program being launched by SocialVentures. Panelists Rokki Bonner, co-founder of Fit to Navigate shared, “I’m excited to be a part of radical change with dynamic women in the forefront.”

Sangeeta Lakhani, co-founder of SERVICE! added, “In a world that is still making space for women, to be empowered by the WISE program is a priceless resource that will impact our community immensely.”

Since SocialVentures’ launch in 2014, the regional ecosystem has grown from a handful of trailblazing purpose-driven businesses like Hot Chicken Takeover, to now over 100 social enterprises making an impact in our community. Just this past year, their portfolio of purpose-driven partners and online Marketplace has grown from 109 to 140 plus businesses represented — an impressive 28% increase. 

Sangeeta Lakhani – Photo courtesy Service!

“It’s really exciting to be part of this growth, and we believe steady expansion will persist in the sector as we continue to amplify equity and inclusion,” said Vicki Bowen Hewes, SocialVentures’ CEO. “Entrepreneurs and consumers are embracing social impact as a non-negotiable component of business models and purchases. This shift is particularly prevalent post-pandemic. People have really reflected on how each of us can be the change we want to see in the world. It just makes sense to purchase products and services that also advance solutions to social problems. Being intentional about where you dine, secure professional services, buy gifts and manage procurement — making every dollar count and have an impact — lifts our community.”

2022 is a pivotal year for the organization. Bowen Hewes was named CEO in August 2021 following the retirement of founder Allen Proctor. Since joining the mission, Bowen Hewes has fostered a culture of innovation, inclusivity and collaboration. She has redefined SocialVentures’ value proposition to include empowering women and underrepresented communities building equity through social enterprise.

Vicki Bowen Hewes working with the 2022 Positioned to Prosper Committee. L-R: Asegedech Kumnegere, Donna Sikyta, Vicki, Stephanie Page, Amanda Greenwood, Molly Preston, Aditi Bhatiya, Nehal Patwa, Trish Wright – Photo courtesy SocialVentures

SocialVentures is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of the Central Ohio social enterprise community. Working with post-revenue purpose-driven businesses, they provide strategic support, leadership advisory programs, and foster community engagement that creates lasting change. All programs are free of charge for the social enterprise leaders they empower.

Positioned to Prosper 2022 Evolution will be hosted at The Fives at 550 Reach Blvd in Columbus on October 4, 2022. 100% of funds raised support SocialVentures’ free of charge programs. For more information, sponsorship opportunities and tickets, please visit

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