Kinopicz Film Studio Provides Variety of Digital Video Services to Clients

People may think of cities like Los Angeles or New York for digital video production, but local studio Kinopicz is providing a multitude of high-quality video services to businesses across Columbus. Co-founders Francesco Lazzaro and Damian Wohrer took on the challenge of owning their own studio, and started the production facility in 2009.

Kinopicz offers an extensive array of video and branding services. From script to screen, to providing a 3,000 square-foot studio for photo and video shoots, they are capable of fulfilling almost any filming need.

The co-founders say about a third of their projects focus on video production, a third on post-production and a third on web and branding services. They also see their clients falling in to three groups – agencies, independent producers and entrepreneurs. For agencies they provide video production, post-production services and video graphics. Independent producers can rent the Grandview studio and enlist the services of a full production crew. Services for entrepreneurs range from producing videos that introduce products to full branding campaigns. All design and web work  is crafted to incorporate video.


Kinopicz services a mix of national and local clients, working with the likes of the American Heart Association,, the A+E Network along with local agencies and entrepreneurs. Lazzaro and Wohrer found one recent project especially rewarding. They worked with the Harmony Project to create DreamSpeech50, a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech.

Long-term, the co-founders say they are striving to get their name out there establish themselves as a resource. And they have many reasons why they see Columbus as the perfect backdrop to do it.

Examining the industry, they saw more and more video production happening in the Midwest. Columbus offered a lower cost of living and an established network in the area since both grew up in Lancaster. Also, in 2009, the digital age was booming and quality cameras were becoming more affordable. But production and location is only part of the equation – Lazzaro and Wohrer knew it would take the right team.

“We knew there was a lot of talent in Columbus with CCAD, OSU, all the research and development and the creative culture,” Lazzaro says.

With their team in place, the duo find that owning their own studio is a learning process with challenges every day.

“It requires a daily commitment to sticking to the vision and learning the market and clients,” Lazzaro says. “We’re trying to find a way to add value to our clients while providing a good experience for our staff.”


Lazzaro and Wohrer come from different creative backgrounds that contribute to the wide variety of services that Kinopicz offers. Lazarro studied English and creative writing before taking an interest in film, leaving his 9-5 in 2005 to freelance. Wohrer studied film at the New York Film Academy then moved to Hollywood where he spent time working at a prop house, learning the history of film and what it takes to create a feature. The two met while filming a TV pilot in 2005 and have worked together ever since.

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