LapKeyBoard is ergonomic, aims to reduce back and neck pain

As a web journalist I’m what you might call a frequent laptop user, so when the LapKeyBoard was brought to my attention, I was eager to learn more about it.

Turns out it’s wireless and has been built into a platform that rests on one’s lap. It’s designed to allow users to type from the position they find most comfortable.

“This may be a solution to reduce fatigue on the back, neck, wrist and palm,” says Manoj Sinha, president of LapKeyBoard, which is housed at [email protected] in New Albany.

Further, since it doesn’t rest directly on a user’s lap, the LapKeyBoard lets users avoid the heat, weight and electromagnetic fields associated with laptops.

“I have been involved in the medical and clinical research for more than 20 years,” Sinha says. “Being part of  the medical community, I noticed an increasing incidence of wrist fatigue, back pain,  and neck pain −all  caused by heavy computer usage− and even laptop-induced male infertility. These observations inspired me to design new product to address all these issues.”

The LapKeyBoard is available in two models: standard and recycled.

Both models have a 2.4 GHz wireless, full-size keyboard, low profile keys, a 2.4 GHz wireless mouse, a USB nano receiver, and an attached cushion with a mouse pocket.

The difference between the standard and recycled models is the material used for the platform itself.

“Both are made from sturdy medium density fiberboard materials, but the recycled platform is made from 100 percent recycled materials, which makes the product more environmentally friendly,” Sinha says.

The LapKeyBoard is a patented technology and Sinha says his company has been granted a trademark for the product, which has been available for purchase since last month.

In addition to heavy personal computer users like myself, the LapKeyBoard is sought after by home office computer users, data entry professionals, Internet TV users, and guests at hotel chains.

Sinha and his team will be attending CES 2012, the world’s largest computer trade show, which kicks off tomorrow.

The show is a fantastic opportunity to tell the electronics world about the LapKeyBoard, the world’s first ergonomic keyboard platform, Sinha says, adding that it will create a brand new category for consumers as well as retailers.

“We are going to have a booth at CES,” he adds. “Eureka Park Booth, No. 73503. Please come and visit us at the booth.”

To learn more about the LapKeyBoard, visit