Launch Conference Spotlight: eEvent

When we last spoke to the team at eEvent in September, its product was still in private beta. Since then, quite a bit has changed.

eEvent went live on Jan. 3 and was selected for display at the Launch Conference held in San Francisco to unveil some of its new features.

“There’s lots of event planning software out there that handles ticket sales, confirmations, and RSVPs,” says Andi Sie, eEvent co-founder. “eEvent has all of those standard features, but we’re also the only event planning software that focuses on actually increasing attendance.”

To do this, eEvent has developed an ambassador system that rewards event attendees for inviting their friends to events they’re excited about.

“We implement gaming elements, social media integration, and geo-location to drive people to events,” explains Sie. “We also enable event organizers to recognize and work with their ambassadors. This helps event planners to increase attendance at events without increasing their costs for promoting and marketing.”

Sie and his team were invited to participate in the Launch Conference, which is currently underway, and hope to capitalize on a variety of opportunities here.

“We have a lot of good validation locally in Columbus, as well as in Jakarta, Indonesia.” says Sie. “Here in the Valley though, it’s a completely different game. We want to know if our product is as good as we think it is. The only way to find that out is to talk to all of the experienced people here and get their honest opinions and feedback. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate our product quickly and save time and money making changes.

“Secondly, this is a good opportunity for us to find funding. We’ve been bootstrapping eEvent up until this point, but in order to scale we need access to funding quickly and claim the marketplace.”

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