LaunchPad to help entrepreneurs make their ideas reality

INCREASE Community Development Corp. has introduced a new program called LaunchPad to help entrepreneurs successfully get their businesses off the ground in sixth months.

Under the program, entrepreneurs are paired with a business coach who will help them establish goals and create an action plan to accomplish those goals within a specific time period.

Additionally, participants and their coaches will identify barriers to launching, and a consultant will help find solutions for overcoming those barriers.

Training in the areas of leadership, human resources, marketing, sales, and finance is also included in the program.

The only requirement for enrollment is a basic business plan that describes the company and provides a marketing strategy for it; discusses how the business will operate; and provides financial projections.

Those who successfully complete the program will be honored at the Launch Party Gala hosted this fall by INCREASE CDC.

The cost to participate in LaunchPad, which begins today, is $675 per person.

For more information about Launchpad, or to enroll, contact INCREASE CDC at 614-476-1758.