Lewis Center Business Association Looking to Build Its Network

Over 1,000 businesses call Lewis Center home. As a part of Orange Township, the area is typically associated with Polaris and it’s mall-centric offerings. However, the Lewis Center Business Association is serving to build support among all businesses in the area.

“Our mission really is to connect fellow business owners and support the local area,” says LCBA President Ryan Rivers.

The organization underwent a name change from the Orange Township Business association to the LCBA about a year ago, and with it a reorganization of the group’s direction. The organization recently added “At Polaris” to their name as well.

“Polaris – it’s very well recognized so I think it helps capture attention,” Rivers says.

It’s an overall strategic name with Lewis Center adding the more recognized residential component of the area. They are both pieces of the puzzle that help create awareness and draw attention.

More than a name change, Rivers called for a two-year plan to get the organization where he wanted it to be.

“We’re a young and growing organization,” he says. “We have about 65 members now and we want to get over 100 by spring.”

Rivers is banking on the continued residential and commercial growth in the area to expand their membership. More members means more support, which means the organization will be able to do even more to help the community.

The LCBA doesn’t have a preference on industry or business size when it comes to their members. Current members include everyone from Home Depot and Costco to numerous small, local businesses.

“We have members of all sizes,” Rivers says. “It’s a nice mix. Larger corporations can provide resources that small business people can’t.” He adds that the small businesses with about two to 12 employees are often the most engaged.

To serve their mission of supporting the local area, the LCBA holds a number of annual events. Most of the events are tied to non-profits or schools to help raise funds that benefit their causes. Starting this year the organization will partner with the Delaware County Foundation to set up a scholarship fund. A local church will be supported by a community-wide Easter egg hung in April. And, the LCBA also holds a golf outing in May that supports the Ronald McDonald house, just to name some of their events.

Other networking resources, a monthly newsletter and business showcases help further connect the business community.

“We’re really working on trying to build a nice communication channel with the area so people are aware of our events, what’s going on in the area, and obviously use that as a way for businesses to connect with one another as well so we know our neighbors,” Rivers says.

For businesses, it’s only a small investment – $150 for annual membership. Rivers says it’s not only a great opportunity for exposure and to help create awareness, but joining the LCBA is a way to give back to community that helps support their business.

For more information, visit lewiscenterba.com.