The Life Writer Helps Families Document Lives of Loved Ones

It’s been said that every life has a story− and it’s likely Marc and Teri DeVincent would agree.

In Fall 2007, the husband-and-wife team launched The Life Writer, a Dublin-based company that  seeks to capture, preserve, and honor the lives of everyday people by writing their memoirs.

“The gift of family, love, and capturing one’s heritage is at the heart of what we do,” says Marc DeVincent. “The purpose of The Life Writer is to share this gift with those we serve.”

Read our interview with the DeVincents to learn what prompted them to start the business, how they go about creating their one-of-a-kind keepsakes, and who contributed to The Life Writer’s growth.

Melanie McIntyre: How did The Life Writer come about?

Teri DeVincent: We started this business very much by accident! My father was turning 90 years old and I wanted to get him a special present to mark that occasion. Since my husband Marc was a writer, I asked him if he could write something about my father to commemorate his life. Marc got the idea to write his whole life story and put it into a book, like a celebrity biography.

We interviewed my father and asked him many questions relating to his life. We also looked over and discussed old photographs and other mementos that were important to him.

We then transcribed his words, and organized the photographs and other content into a smooth flowing narrative– a book format with chapters. We took that material to a book printer and had it printed and bound. The final result was amazing! We gave a copy to my father, and to my other family members. Everyone loved it!

We quickly received requests from other people to write their life stories also. Our business –The Life Writer Ltd.– was born!

MM: When you started The Life Writer, did you rely on any advisers, role models, or mentors for advice and input?

Marc DeVincent: My wife and I have received a great deal of help from many people during the expansion phase of our business and much of that help originated at the Dublin Entrepreneur Center after we leased an office there. The city of Dublin, and specifically Deputy City Director Dana McDaniel, is responsible for the DEC and they have done a great job bringing the DEC concept to a reality.

At the DEC, we met and began working with Andrew Spott, Matthew Buchenroth, and Robert Kosmatka of Vivid Front LLC,  a company that has helped us extensively with branding, web site development, marketing, and other important business needs. Vivid Front has become a valuable collaborator for The Life Writer; my wife and I are happy to be working with them.

We must also acknowledge the Ohio Small Business Development Center and especially Nancy Stoll at the SBDC, who has also helped us with branding and establishing our marketing message. Thank you very much, Nancy!

We must also extend a special thank you to Sandy Blanquera of Social Boomerang and Chaz Freutel of Get-U-Connected at the DEC for their contribution to making the DEC what is today– a great place to grow a business.

MM: What were you doing professionally before you started The Life Writer and how has that work experience affected the way you do business?

MD: My wife Teri is a nurse with extensive experience working with people, especially the elderly. From that experience, she has learned to be patient and be a good listener. She also likes the fact that working with the elderly makes her feel young; they always call her “honey” and “sweetie.” Teri is a caring, supportive person who enjoys learning new things, especially from her elderly patients.

I worked at Honda of America as a quality engineer for many years before leaving to expand The Life Writer. At Honda, I learned just how important it is to understand the customer’s needs and to always exceed their expectation. That same philosophy, of constantly focusing on the customer, is at the core of The Life Writer’s philosophy.

That unique husband-wife partnership, coupled with our different backgrounds, but same attitude and belief, is what makes The Life Writer special.

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