The Life Writer Helps Families Document Lives of Loved Ones

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MM: Take me through your life writing process.

TD: The life writing process is a personal process built around bringing family, friends, and loved ones together. The process is never exactly the same, but it is always an enriching and rewarding experience that celebrate the life of others.

The process involves sitting down with the subject over one, two, or possibly more interview sessions and asking special life story questions that draw out the facts and feelings about the life experience. Old photographs and other important mementos are discussed and all of that information is digitally scanned on site.

We then transcribe the life story information, add  the digital photos and other content, and organize all the material into a smooth flowing narrative– in book format, which is broken down by chapters. A draft of that document is then given to the subject and/or their family for a review. Once those final changes are made, the life story is sent out to a printer and made into a hard or soft bound book. We print as many copies as needed.  We also provide an audio CD of the interview with the subject, and can videotape all or part of the interview if the customers wishes.

MM: Tell me about your product packages.

TD: We are currently offering two life writing experience packages for our customers. The Cherished Memory Life Writing Experience: one interview session, including up to one dozen photographs/mementos, an audio CD of the interview, and as many soft or hardcover books as needed. And the Living Legacy Life Writing Experience: multiple interview sessions, including up to 60 photographs/mementos, a video DVD of the interview,  and as many hard or softcover books as needed.

There is great flexibility between plans and sales options. We work with our customers to understand what their needs are, and then work hard to meet those needs.

MM: Who helps produce your products?

TD: The Life Writer business began as a family business, with my husband and I and our son and daughter working together to capture, chronicle, and commemorate our customer’s life stories. Our business is growing substantially now and we are in the process of determining the very best way to manage our expansion. We have anticipated this need from the beginning and will implement assistance soon that will allow us to continue to grow, but still guarantee the same high-quality product and service that we are known for.

MM: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as business owners and how did you overcome it?

TD: The biggest challenge we have encountered in this business has been to take care of as many customers as possible and still provide a service that they can afford. Capturing, chronicling, and commemorating a person’s life story is a fairly labor-intensive process, and my husband and I have worked diligently on several different ways to streamline that process in order to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for our customer.

MM: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

MD: We love capturing and chronicling the life stories of our customers, and then seeing the impact that the final result has on our customer and their families. That is truly amazing! The life writing experience is highly valued by our customers and they deeply appreciate our work. My wife and I are always very motivated to see our customers happy! Their joy is contagious, and this work is very fulfilling.

Teri and feel honored to capture and chronicle the life stories of the families and loved ones we serve. We are committed 100 percent to doing so with only the highest possible integrity and authenticity. We love doing what we do and we are committed to bringing this service to as many people as possible.

MM: Is there anything else you think I should know?

MD: Yes, a team of seven people have been working diligently for the past eight months to bring to life two new innovative The Life Writer products that will serve our customers very well. While we cannot divulge the details of those products just yet, both are patent pending and have been very carefully designed to serve our customer well. Please keep your eyes open for the launch of these two new products!

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