Linkedin Endorsements: What You Need To Know About Being Endorsed

LinkedIn has been upgrading its site consistently for a few months now, and one of their newest features is the Endorsement. In short, a quick way to acclaim your connections for their listed professional skills and areas of expertise. A one-click recommendation.

That’s right. The section you loaded with keywords when you filled out your profile so you would have a higher likelihood of showing up in search for a potential client or employer? You remember. That area of your profile is now one of the main focal points to help determine your credibility based on your connections’ perceptions of you professionally.

LinkedIn encourages endorsing your connections by making the feature almost like a game, posing a question for different people depending on what they’ve listed as their specialties. Check out this image to see what I mean:

You can also go to your connections’ profiles individually and endorse them for whichever skills you see fit, as well as any you think they may have left off because you can actually add skills and expertise to other people’s profiles.

Obviously these keywords are as important as ever for your Linkedin profile because the more you’re endorsed for what you do, the more likely LinkedIn is going to consider you higher in search for that particular niche. They even start to rearrange your profile based on the most popularly recommended specialties, drawing more attention to what your connections think most highly of you. Here’s an example from my profile:

Before you start worrying about how many endorsements you have and how you can get more, think first about giving some away. Since LinkedIn makes it so easy for you to endorse others, start to go through your connections and make the recommendations that you can vouch for. Don’t just click away unless you can actually say you’ve seen that person in action and they are credible for that particular skill. You should treat your LinkedIn Endorsements just like the Recommendations feature, just without the need to be a wordsmith.

Once you’ve shared credibility with the people you’ve closely worked with, the favor can easily be returned and Endorsements will start to grow more and more on your profile.

In the meantime, go back through your skills and see if there’s anything you left off that would boost your resume if your connections were to endorse you for it. And watch for the skills that start showing up because your connections feel they should be included. It’s always interesting to see what your colleagues think of when they think of you and how you work well.