Local Entrepreneur Competes on TLC’s Girl Starter

Columbus’ own Claire Coder, founder & CEO of Aunt Flow, will make her national TV debut this Friday, April 28 on TLC’s new series Girl Starter. Coder was one of eight young women entrepreneurs selected across the nation to compete on the business reality show for $100,000 in seed funding and services.

The 20-year-old Coder launched Aunt Flow in November 2016 as a buy-one-give-one subscription service for 100 percent cotton pads and tampons. Since launch, the social enterprise has donated over 30,000 menstrual product to women in need, and received a number of accolades, including The Metropreneur’s Best New Startup of 2016.

“Girl Starter challenged me in new ways,” Coder says. “No longer was I a “solo-preneur”; I was encouraged to work as a team from the beginning and preparation was limited as each day’s activities were a surprise to the show participants.”

Coder has spoken to the challenges of finding investors in a male-dominated capital industry, being a young entrepreneur tackling what is sometimes viewed as a taboo topic.

“Every time someone tells me I can’t do it, I grow a stronger desire to prove them wrong, so I push harder,” Coder says. “I continue to change the world, one cycle at a time.”

The six-episode show debuts this Friday, April 28 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

For more information, visit girlstarter.com