Local Florist Brings Subscription Model to Flowers with Florish

Photo Credit: TENFOLD / Casi Douglas

A new subscription-based service is beautifying homes and offices one flower arrangement at a time.

You choose the frequency, once every week, every two weeks or every four weeks, and Florish will hand deliver a bouquet of seasonal flowers to your location.

Kaylee Schanz is putting the subscription model to flowers as a second career and her first entrepreneurial venture. She started in interior design, earning a degree from OSU and gaining a few years of experience in the field.

“I enjoyed the design aspect but I think I always kind of felt like it wasn’t the perfect fit for me,” Schanz says.

A walk through German Village on a random Thursday night would give Schanz the inspiration to change course. She walked past the window of a florist. Employees hummed about buckets of flowers, putting designs together for a wedding.

I actually stopped and watched them for a couple of minutes,” Schanz says. “I was just so fascinated and I couldn’t get it out of my head.” 

She decided to reach out to the owner of the shop. She didn’t necessarily have any expectations going in. Worst-case scenario she made a connection with a strong female entrepreneur, something she had always seen as a possibility for herself. After meeting and chatting over drinks, Schanz spent a summer contracting for the florist and picking up experience. When wedding season tapered down, she was hungry to figure out how to pursue the field full-time.


She ended up shelving her floral dreams for a bit until she had the opportunity to create the bouquet for her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding. A last-minute change in where she would source her flowers, and Schanz would actually meet one of her first vendors – Sunny Meadows Flower Farm.

I was really inspired by them,” she says. 

She took the leftover flowers from the wedding and made an arrangement for her own home. It was when her pragmatic, no-frills husband commented, “It’s actually really nice having fresh flowers in our house,” that she thought there might be a business there. 

Certainly other people would enjoy having fresh flowers in their home,” Schanz thought. 

She quietly wrote out a business plan and sent it to her husband, expecting a that’s cool, but…

His response was this is wonderful you need to do this,” Schanz says. 

She opted for a subscription-based service model because of its success across industries in the current marketplace. Not only is it hassle-free, but Schanz says people like being able to fit this lifestyle into their budget. They like to know weekly or monthly how much they will spend.

Florish’s arrangements run between $45-$60 an installment. Customers pick a container for their arrangement. That style will continue to make an appearance with each delivery (swapped out with a fresh one each time) but the flowers will change.

I try to use local flowers, that’s my focus,” Schanz says.

What’s growing during the season is what makes it in the arrangement. About four to six varieties of plant comprise each arrangement – usually one or two greens, a few accent flowers and a premium cut.

The business end of the deal is designed to be easy – automatic billing, ability to skip or cancel orders – she says think Dollar Shave Club. Schanz works with customers on a individual basis to schedule delivery. Florish currently covers the 43204, 43206, 43209, 43212 and 43215 zip codes.

I hand deliver all of my flowers, so I am fortunate to enjoy the happiness on the recipients face when I bring them a new delivery,” Schanz says. 

While the idea sprung out of making it easy to keep fresh flowers at home, Schanz says Florish serves a number of commercial clients and can even work with the business on branded containers. Outside of the subscription service, Schanz artfully arranges orders for events, weddings, remembrance and more.

For more information, visit loveflorish.com