Local marketing and creative firms merge to form Milenthal-DelGrosso LLC

The Milenthal Group, a local marketing firm, and Ozone Studios, a local media production company, announced that they would be merging their businesses to form a new partnership called Milenthal-DelGrosso LLC.

“Our two organizations share similar philosophies around marketing and execution,” says CEO Jon Milenthal. “We believe that our combined efforts as an organization will better address the needs of our current and future clients, and leverage all the tools that today’s businesses have at their disposal.”

Milenthal-DelGrosso provides a wide range of marketing strategy development services, and focuses on the importance of content creation, stakeholder targeting, and multi-platform distribution.

“We believe that these three areas are more interwoven than ever before,” Milenthal says. “The ability to think and execute quickly across all of these areas –rather than being pigeon-holed into one– makes the people at Milenthal-DelGrosso unique.”

The new partnership is located in downtown Columbus at 492 Armstrong St.

To learn more about Milenthal-DelGrosso, visit Milenthal-DelGrosso.com.