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Working closely with your state, county, city and other local governments can help your small business to grow and thrive. These government entities can help you with registering your business, paying your taxes properly, applying for loans and grants and more. Below is a list of governmental resources that can assist with your entrepreneurial efforts.

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Diversity Bridge– The Diversity Bridge Web Portal is the one-stop gateway for buyers in the community who are looking to identify and reach a diverse cadre of minority/women owned businesses that can meet their needs and provide quality goods and services. The Diversity Bridge Web Portal is the one-stop gateway for minority businesses from start-up to growth that directs you to resources that will assist you in meeting your business needs.

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Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office– The mission of The Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office is to promote inclusiveness of minority and female owned businesses within the City’s procurement process and to facilitate the equitable awarding of contracts to minority and female business enterprises. This web page provides you with important information about our agency and its activities. If you believe your business qualifies as a minority or female business, as defined by the City Code, and you are seeking to sell products and services to the City, please contact us via E-mail at the designated address.

For more information visit EBOCO.Ci.Columbus.Oh.Us.

Ohio Business Gateway Licenses and Permits– The Economic and Community Development Institute offers Microenterprise Loans ranging from $500 to $35,000 to start or expand a small business. ECDI’s lending program is intended to provide financing to borrowers who do not qualify for traditional financing, including low- to moderate-income households and borrowers with insufficient credit history. ECDI also provides access to capital to historically bankable individuals and business who are unable to secure financing in the current economic climate.

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Ohio Secretary of State– As Ohio’s chief elections officer, the secretary of state oversees the elections process and appoints the members of boards of elections in each of Ohio’s 88 counties. The secretary of state supervises the administration of election laws, approves ballot language, reviews statewide initiative and referendum petitions, chairs the Ohio Ballot Board, which approves ballot language for statewide issues, canvasses votes for all elective state offices and issues; investigates election fraud and irregularities, trains election officials and reimburses counties for poll worker training costs.

For more information visit SOS.State.Oh.Us.

Ohio Department of Development– How Do I…? Find a job? Search for state jobs? Find out more information on working and employment in Ohio? Retrain in a green career? Receive heating assistance? Become more energy efficient? Secure business loans and grants? Install renewable energy technologies? Learn about grants or loans available for my energy project? Start a new business? Find a business site? Receive tax credits for my business? Establish international trade? Learn more about the Ohio Third Frontier? Find facts about Ohio? Become an Ohio Ambassador? Have too much fun in Ohio?

For more information visit Development.Ohio.Gov.

1st Stop Business Connection! – The 1st Stop Business Connection, a program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development’s Small Business Development Centers and the U.S. Small Business Administration, provides FREE state-level information needed to get started or continue on your entrepreneurial journey. You will be guided through six simple steps to create a business information kit. Then, you can immediately download your kit.
For more information visit Development.Ohio.Gov/1stStop/Onestop.

Ohio Business Gateway– OBG Electronic Filing offers Ohio’s businesses a time- and money-saving online filing and payment system that helps simplify business’ relationship with government agencies. We now offer 51 services and transactions from 8 state agencies and more than 500 municipalities.

For more information visit Business.Ohio.Gov.

Ohio Tax Finder– The Finder provides information on local taxing jurisdictions and tax rates for all addresses in the State of Ohio. At the present time, Municipal Tax, Ohio Public School District Income Tax and the Sales and Use Tax features of The Finder are operational. The Finder will soon be available to assist with other taxes including:

For more information visit Tax.Ohio.Gov/Online_Services/TheFinder_Overview.

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