LOUD Capital Opens Office in Chicago

LOUD Capital has arrived in Chicago. The Columbus-based venture capital firm is opening its second office in the Windy City, capitalizing on a growing network in the area and planting their flag as one of the major investors in the region.

With boots on the ground for over a year, Partner Nishad Parmar has been making connections with a variety potential investors and venture capitalists. Gaining traction, Parmar pitched the idea of a dedicated Chicago office to solidify LOUD’s presence in the market.

The regional expansion stays true to LOUD’s roots investing primarily in early-stage startups in the Midwest. While Chicago has a more mature VC market, “Just like we see in Columbus, there’s still a lot of room for the early-stage capital that’s needed,” says Managing Partner Navin Goyal.

There’s more competition, but still a number of underfunded entrepreneurs in their wheelhouse.

“A lot of the different lines of business that we’re really pushing, we just realized there were so many different, great connections and catalysts there from a relationship standpoint that we really want our presence to be felt,” says Partner Ryan Retcher.

LOUD now has an office in the largest city in the Midwest and its roots in a city that’s consistently ranked as a hotbed of startup activity across the nation. Once considered flyover territory, there has been a growing interest in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“We continue to get more and more activity from around the country from various firms, and even individuals, who are interested in Midwest deal flow, and Midwest valuations, and Midwest talent,” Goyal says.”

Associate Evan Spencer says they want to do their best to position LOUD at the center of that conversation. As the talk around venture turns away from the coasts, Spencer wants, at best, the word to be make sure you talk to LOUD, or at least, that there’s an active and growing ecosystem in the Midwest.

Chicago’s proximity allows LOUD to remain high-touch with its investors as its limited partner network grows in the region. The team has been reaching out to local wealth and asset management groups, professional athletes, other local vc firms, individuals from local universities active in the entrepreneurial community and more to build its network.

A new city will not only expose LOUD to new investment opportunities, but, “The goal is still economic development here in Columbus,” says Managing Partner Darshan Vyas. “We’re trying to bring capital from outside back to grow companies here.”

For more information, visit loud.vc