LP Designs looking to share its Short North retail space

LP Designs opened in Powell in spring 2010, and relocated to a bigger space in the Short North about a year ago. Now, the retailer is looking to share its home with another unique business.

Located at 642 N. High St., Suite B, LP Designs sells handcrafted furnishings, decorative home accessories, and gift items made by more than 200 artisans from around the country.

“When I have the time, my passion is traveling and visiting local neighborhoods in various cities that represent their independent artists,” says Leslie Pannelle, owner of LP Designs. “I try to stop in all of Columbus’s arts festivals and I’m always impressed with how many wonderful events we have in our city.”

Quite a bit of the art and jewelry sold at the shop is sourced locally, she says.

Pannelle previously worked as an event designer, but as money for events started drying  up a few years ago, she was having a difficult time finding full-time work.

“I have always wanted to own my own store and my own business,” she says, adding that with more time on her hands, she took the opportunity to pursue her dream.

The biggest challenge Pannelle has faced since going into business for herself is handling the many tasks small business owners often juggle by themselves− and she’s not sure she’s overcome it.

“I enjoy −first and always− redesigning, creating a tablescape, or decorating,” she says. “I look forward to talking with customers, and I love representing and communicating with artists. Accounting and marketing are essential to any business, but I can tell you that it doesn’t makes me jump right out of bed. I am constantly learning and willing try new things. I think that is key.”

When Pannelle was getting LP Designs off the ground, she says the most valuable information, networking websites, and tools she found came from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Since moving the Short North, she’s been helped and promoted by the Short North Business Association and Home on High.

As mentioned earlier, LP Designs is now looking to share its 1,200-square foot space at the corner of High and Russell streets.

“I am looking for a business that would compliment my store as well as promote and network,” Pannelle says. “I want to find someone who has a lot of energy and passion for their business.”

She’s envisioned a florist or a furniture restoration business in the space, but says she’s open to suggestions.

“I consider this an opportunity to turn this into a retail co-op in a sense,” she says. “I’m willing to discuss this opportunity with one or two businesses, depending on how much space they would require.”

LP Designs and the tenant/tenants would remain separate financially and legally.

To learn more about LPDesigns, visit LP-Designs.com.

Those interested in renting space within LP Designs can contact Leslie Pannelle via email at [email protected]