Maximizing Your Marketing Strategy in the City of Collaboration

Liz Dickey – Webmaster and Social Media Coordinator at The Columbus Chamber.

Collaboration— we’ve hung our hat on this concept as a city. Columbus organizations are branded on this reputation of being ‘smart and open,’ but what does it really mean to be part of the cohesive cohort of ‘US’ brands?

Each business and organization has its own mission and vision, but as a collective, we understand the importance of consistently meeting around the table to share insight into our projects and work together to strengthen the city.

Since joining the marketing team at the Columbus Chamber a little over a year ago, I’ve had the opportunity to work collaboratively with partners on marketing initiatives that have resulted in long-term impact in the community. The Art of Business, cbuzz and Smart Cities are examples of campaigns made possible by the spirit of collaboration. Through these projects I’ve learned that collaboration isn’t an opportunity— it’s a mindset not just limited to ‘US;’ it’s a way of thinking that is ingrained in the way we approach business.

Here are a few tips to foster collaboration with other smart and open organizations in Columbus.

Creating Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborating isn’t about who has the most to offer you, it’s about finding partners that are aligned with your vision and goals.

Sharing the strategic reasoning behind why you have chosen to collaborate is the first step to creating a successful partnership. When you show up to your first meeting, bring a detailed brief outlining big-picture goals and your potential partner’s wins.

Because it takes two to create a collaborative partnership, it’s important to have a backup plan. You are not guaranteed success on your initial approach.

Once you have agreed on terms, implementing a cohesive communications strategy will ensure you are both on the same page as you move forward in your partnership.

Keeping the Vision Alive 

Routine maintenance when it comes to partnerships is key to keeping your vision alive.

In the virtual world that we live in, it’s easy to shoot over a direct message on Slack and have your words misinterpreted. Talk offline, meet regularly and over communicate. In a partnership, your relationship is as valuable as the collaborative project itself.

Be transparent and sustain an open dialogue. Consistently reporting on results is a sure way to evaluate your strategy and to analyze your success.

Collaboration is a beautiful way to foster new relationships, reach untapped markets and make a long-standing impact in the community. Through collaboration you are guaranteed to learn something new— whether it be about your partner, or yourself.

When we approach our marketing strategy at the Columbus Chamber, we think about who we’re marketing with, not just who we are marketing to.

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