Mesh Fitness at Bridge Park in Dublin Puts a New Spin on the Gym

Dublin’s massive Bridge Park development will be home to the first Mesh Fitness. Slated to open in December 2016, the gym was designed “to take away everything that people hate about the gym experience,” says Managing Partner Matt Davis. 

Currently, the concept is exclusive to the development and designed specifically for it. Davis is also behind soon-to-open coworking space COhatch in Worthington and has dabbled in development projects for several years. When the opportunity came to work with Crawford Hoying on a fitness component for Bridge Park, Davis said yes to the chance to develop a new kind of gym.

We believe that Bridge Park and what they are establishing in the community is pretty novel,” Davis says.

The developer is essentially building a whole new section of a thriving city, bringing new amenities to residents and a novel gym in Mesh Fitness to go along with it. 

From the space to the price, Mesh Fitness is designed to be an accessible part of the community.

We believe that it should be good for everyone and affordable for everyone,” Davis says. 

He sees the two ends of the fitness spectrum. People are paying $10/month for something like a Planet Fitness – great price, but not the best brand reputation, or $150 plus a month for boutique workout facilities like Cyclebar or Orangetheory. Put it all together and that’s a significant amount of money every month when niche fitness offerings are involved.

Mesh Fitness is built on an a la carte menu. Packages start with a $10/month membership fee (a grand opening special that will eventually bump to $16/month) that provides access to ample cardio and strength training areas. There are add-ons like bring a friend or 24/7 access, and packages to utilize Mesh Fitness’ Zones – another element that sets the gym apart.


Four Zones offer four different workout experiences.

“Our goal is to offer quality, high-end, boutique-style classes at affordable prices,” says Ryan Dell, director of fitness and culture.

Members can choose unlimited zone access for $30/month ($60/month post grand opening) or a la carte packages of one, five or 15 zone sessions.

The four fitness areas include:

  • Zone 1: Pulse – high energy cardio meets high tech fitness monitoring
  • Zone 2: Power – boxing and cross-training
  • Zone 3: Pedal – cycling
  • Zone 4: Park – outdoor activities

Mesh Fitness is working with Dublin City Parks & Recreation to co-program the park.

“We really want people to embrace the outdoors,” Davis says. As the city puts in kayaks and other features around the river, “We plan on using every feature of that park for fitness as much as we can.”

Gym members will also find personal training sessions as an a la carte add-on. While the packages may be traditional, the approach Mesh Fitness is taking to employ its personal trainers is not.

Aside from a flat floor fee that personal trainers can chip away at by teaching zone classes, “When they personal train they keep 100 percent of the revenue,” Dell says.

Traditionally trainers split fees with whatever gym they work at. With the Mesh Fitness model, “The gyms really benefit from this because they don’t have to pay trainers hourly and only pay trainers when they are training a client, earning their own pay.”

The gym will even help trainers set up an LLC to get things rolling.

It’s kind of a unique way to help people move up the ladder and help them be better also,” Davis adds. 

Gym goers will also find a retail component. Bubbles Tea & Juice Company will occupy a corner of the gym and a retail area stocked with fitness gear will operate on an all profits to charity model.

One Mesh Fitness membership per household is built into the lease terms of the 800 some units of Bridge Park. Non-residents can also sign up ahead of the December opening for a discounted rate at Mesh Fitness’ temporary sales office, 12 E. Bridge St. in Old Dublin.

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