Mobile Technology Impacts Small Business Success in 2016

So much of small business success is reliant upon small details. The rapid pace of today’s business world can make those details difficult to convey, consume or capture effectively. Mobile technology exists to address that challenge and to put information where our attention accesses it more easily. It’s important to keep your business not only on customers’ minds, but also in their pockets, purses and palms.

Derrick Bailey200
Derrick Bailey

According to Ran Oelgiesser, CMO of vCita, “Studies have shown that at least 60 percent of small businesses consider mobile solutions essential.”

Apps are evolving, social media is thriving and businesses are striving to keep up. Telhio offers a few simple steps for staying on top of current business trends.

1. Ensure your website is mobile friendly: It’s likely that potential customers will catch word of your company at times when they’re away from their computer and they will turn to their cell phones for more information. Likewise, loyal customers may want to access your organization’s offerings in times of transit. Making your services available for convenient smartphone use is essential to customer satisfaction.

When they type your business’ name into their device, what will they see? A jumbled layout squeezed into too small of a screen? Or, a sleek, organized interface that’s as informative as it is easy to use. Don’t lose newcomers to confusion and regulars to inaccessible design. Check with your web designer to make sure your site is functional and user-friendly when it comes to mobile use.

2. Practice app-titude: If the service you offer can be completed, supplemented or enhanced by mobile phone use, make that option available. Developing an app turns your business into an adoptable activity. In using your service on-the-go, customers make you part of their lifestyle. They become accustomed to seeking you out, rather than you reaching out to them.

3. Make the most of social media: Social media is an integral source of information and entertainment, especially in mobile use. Accounts should be consistently updated and always engaging. Tailor your message to each specific platform, and create dialogues with followers that they can easily connect with via smartphone. Provide content that’s both relevant to your organization and enticing to see or read.

4. Organize your finances for on-the-go needs: As a business person, you know better than anyone the importance of convenient access to finances. Telhio offers online and mobile banking services that make depositing, transferring and managing funds day-to-day significantly simpler. Having your bank in your pocket allows you to make necessary moves at the time that’s best for you and your business.

Telhio Credit Union has a variety of business products and services, such as mobile banking and online support, that can help your business succeed. Contact a member of Telhio’s business services team, or give them a call at 614-221-3233.

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