Modern Energy Making Central Ohio Homes & Businesses More Energy Efficient

Every home or business probably wouldn’t mind saving some money on their utility bills. New startup Modern Energy is bringing a bevy of services that can help homes and businesses (even in urban areas) become more energy efficient.

“At Modern Energy, we focus on the complete energy portfolio of homes and businesses,” says Founder Johnathan Gioffre. “While most energy companies focus on a single niche, like solar panels or LED lighting, we specialize in grouping these “energy options” into a one-stop-shop.”

Becoming more conscious of a building’s energy footprint and seeking alternative sources is becoming a growing trend across the nation and Ohio. Gioffre finds many Central Ohio clients are eager to take advantage of some of the simple, affordable options Modern Energy offers to help them save on monthly bills. And, although Columbus may not seem like the sunniest of places, Modern Energy is finding an increased interest in solar power systems.modernenergylogo

Keep reading to hear more about how Gioffre found his way to entrepreneurship, and how Modern Energy’s thorough process can help any home or business find savings.

[M] Tell us a little bit about your background and how Modern Energy was formed.

I have always been passionate about engineering. I grew up designing and building toys and new inventions like a CO2-powered scooter and a micro-pulse jet engine. For two years, I studied mechanical engineering at The Ohio State University. Although I loved the program and subject matter, I slowly realized that my true passion in life was entrepreneurship. All I could think about was starting my own business and learning more about how business worked. With this new-found passion, I changed my major to consumer science with a minor in economics.

All through college I had a strong interest in renewable energy and started Modern Energy during my senior year. While we have grown substantially since, the core of our business has never changed. We provide full turn-key energy solutions with a focus on efficiency, renewable energy and backup power systems. After working in this industry for the past few years, I have come to realize that we are actually the only firm that offers complete energy solutions, rather than just one or another.

[M] What are some of the services you offer to residential customers and businesses?

At Modern Energy, we focus on the complete energy portfolio of a home or business – this is the backbone of our GoME energy solution process. (Stay tuned for more info on this process.) We offer a wide range of services that help reduce energy demand, increase energy supply, and make energy management easy.

We offer energy assessments and audits, which allow us to identify areas where a home or facility is inefficient. From the data gathered, we can make recommendations on how to best increase efficiency, and help the owner save on their monthly energy cost. We also have a partnership with AEP that allows us to change out inefficient light bulbs with new CFL/LED bulbs, add high-efficiency shower heads, and install faucet aerators as part of the assessment/audit, at no additional cost.

To further increase a home’s efficiency, we also offer one of the simplest ways to lower a homeowner’s heating and cooling bill – attic insulation. This is a very affordable process that helps keep the air the homeowner pays to condition in their home, rather than letting it escape through their attic or roof. Many homes, both old and new, are insufficiently insulated.

After we maximize the efficiency of a home or business, we offer both solar and wind power systems to supplement the energy and help the owner gain (sometimes complete) independence from energy providers. There are many misconceptions that solar and wind aren’t practical in Ohio (specifically urban Ohio), but technology has come a long way over the years, and we now have solutions that can meet nearly anyone’s needs.

Finally, we offer energy security solutions, like backup batteries and energy management systems which help home and business owners use their energy as efficiently as possible. We can essentially make a ‘micro-grid’ (much like the traditional power grid). This micro-grid ties into the existing electrical grid, and acts as an energy optimizer for all the systems in a building (solar, wind, home generators, and batteries). The main benefit to owners is that they get additional independence from the electric company’s variable (usually increasing) cost, and can often continue to use power, even if the main grid is down.

[M] Walk us through the GoME processes. Is this your own trademarked process?

The GoME process is our own unique approach to helping home and business owners save money and reduce their environmental impact. It is a four-step process that ensures that a building’s efficiency is maximized prior to adding supplemental energy like wind or solar power.

The process starts with data collection, which includes energy assessments and audits. From there, we work with the home or business owner to reduce their energy demand. We mainly do this by adding insulation, changing light bulbs, and identifying leaky windows and doors.

Once energy consumption has been reduced, we work to increase the energy supply to the home or business. Modern Energy specializes in micro wind turbines and solar panel arrays of all sizes, and can even install hybrid systems that use both. Solar and wind offer simple, sustainable ways to increase a home or business owner’s energy supply. We only add these systems after efficiency has been maximized so that customers are not paying for renewable energy that they don’t need – many companies do not do this, unfortunately.

We finish the process by securing the energy with battery backup and energy management systems. These systems combined allow customers to actually own their power, instead of renting it from providers.

[M] Why Columbus? Are you finding a growing market of consumers interested in sustainable energy?

I think that as a nation, we are trending towards more sustainable methods of energy generation, and Columbus is no different. We (Columbus) are becoming somewhat of a tech-hub, and I think that with increased technology comes a need/desire for increased efficiency. No matter where a home or business is located, it can always be more efficient, and more money can be saved, which people tend to like.

In addition, homeowners are starting to think more long-term, and understand that sustainable energy like wind and solar not only reduce monthly overhead, but also add significant value to property. There are also tax incentives that make adding this value even easier.

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