Mozart’s gives back to neighborhood organization

Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe −a  pastry shop in the heart of Clintonville famous for delicious treats and an annual celebration honoring the birth of Mozart− has been giving back to the local community since its inception.

Mozart’s has been in operation since 1995, when Anand Saha and his wife, Doris, opened its doors. The couple met in Switzerland while Anand was studying hotel management and Doris was studying to become a pastry chef. After locating to Columbus, the couple knew they wanted to be self-employed. Mozart’s was conceived to offer not only delicious pastries, but also to provide a classical environment.

Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Cafe
Established in: 1995
Location: Clintonville
Number of employees: 24-25

From the beginning, its business model has included a philanthropic component and Saha feels very fortunate to have the Clintonville community’s support.

“The community always comes out to help when I want to help the community,” he says.

Mozart’s donates 100 percent of the proceeds generated by its fundraisers. Saha focuses on organizations that serve the underprivileged and tries to help as many as possible. Beneficiaries include local schools, CAPA, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Friends of the Shelter, and New Directions Career Center.

Though Mozart’s supports many organizations, Saha believes every business should adopt at least one organization and stick with it. Saha walks the walk by partnering with Clintonville Beechwold Community Resources Center. The center asked for a donation 15 years ago and, through his experience with the center, Saha considers its staff members the hardest working people he knows.

Through their partnership, Mozart’s has raised more than $190,000 for the organization. The cafe raises money by holding two annual fundraisers. Its hosts a Spring Fling, which it caters for a few hundred people, that typically raises about $11,000 for the organization. Near the holidays, Mozart’s partners with fellow restaurants to host a Christmas Gala that raises about $15,000.

“It’s great establishing relationships with restaurants who have the same mindset of being for-profit and giving back to the community,” Saha says.

He enjoys supporting the community and giving to local charities because of the way helping others makes him feel. He likes knowing the good Mozart’s has done and the positive impact it has on the community. He keeps thank you letters next to his desk to serve as a reminder for those he’s helping.

Saha’s advice to businesses that want to give back to the community is simple: Don’t give back because you want something in return; give willingly from your heart and be sincere because then it comes back tenfold.

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