#MyECDI Tells Stories Unique to Central Ohio’s Entrepreneurs

Since 2004, ECDI has assisted Ohio’s entrepreneurs in a myriad of ways. From providing capital to entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses, to working with refugee clients to better understand U.S. working culture, we strive to offer one-stop-shop business services suited to meet the needs of all. Whether you merely have a business idea or are opening up your fifth location, our “never say no” attitude has allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to take advantage of the services we provide.

#myecdi stories are unique to each individual client we’ve served. Their entrepreneurial journeys all started at the same place, but the paths they weave take on a life of their own, as illustrated below.

ECDI-AlexMeet Alex. He takes advantage of ECDI’s Home Repair Program that connects local contractors to Central Ohio’s elderly and disabled residents living in poverty that need repairs to address critical safety and accessibility issues. Through grant funding, small business contracting companies like Alex’s receive paid job awards while passing no costs along to the customer.
#myecdi helps those in need.

– Alex Dashkovsky, Dash Construction & Management

Meet Mukhlid. He came to America in search of a better life than the one he left behind in war-torn Iraq. Within three ECDI-Mukhlidyears, he opened up his first business. Realizing the opportunity to grow, Mukhlid sought financing, but was denied from traditional lenders. ECDI answered the call and he received capital, enabling him to open another location. Now, with over 15 employees and order requests reaching across the country, Mukhlid has created a life for himself and his family he could only dream about in the past.
#myecdi helped me achieve the American dream.

– Mukhlid Shaikhil, Discount Tire Transport

ECDI-replenishMeet Deja, Yogi, and Wauvette, two sisters and their mother. They came to ECDI seeking financing to get their business off of the ground. Their hard work and commitment, and ECDI’s investment, bloomed into Replenish, a full-service spa that empowers others through the latest in organic technology in skincare, bodywork and yoga therapies.
#myecdi allows us to empower others.

– Deja, Yogi Redman & Wauvette Davis, Replenish Spa

Meet Jovanna. She started her own luxury handbag company fresh out of college. Often wowing customers with her ECDI-Jovannacraftsmanship at small markets, Jovanna realized the potential her business held. She came to ECDI to increase her business’ reach. Through the Women’s Business Center of Ohio, Jovanna received personalized assistance to develop and market her brand. Now, she receives orders from across the globe. She is also fulfilling her personal philanthropic desires through donating handbags to girls at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
#myecdi allows me to give back to others.

– Jovanna Robinson, Tohni Bekka

ECDI-WalidMeet Walid. A refugee from Iraq, he came to ECDI seeking an introduction to the U.S. working climate. Through individualized consultation, Walid successfully attained his home improvement license, allowing him take advantage of ECDI’s Home Repair Program that connects local contractors to Central Ohio’s low-income elderly and disabled residents seeking critical repairs.
#myecdi broke down barriers so I could succeed.

– Walid Ali, Across The States Construction & Remodeling

Meet Steve. An accomplished business owner, Steve was looking for a way to utilize his ECDI-Steveexperience and expertise to make a greater social impact. That’s when he found ECDI. Today, Steve works with a dedicated staff to develop new resources and capitalization strategies for thousands of entrepreneurs across the state. His leadership has created hundreds of ECDI success stories across Ohio. He urges all entrepreneurs to “Embrace the grind, as hard work and dedication can create limitless possibilities.”
#myecdi is unlimited.

– Steve Fireman, President & General Counsel, ECDI

ECDI-InnaMeet Inna. Originally a refugee from the former Soviet Union, she witnessed her father’s entrepreneurial grit from an early age as he worked tirelessly to better his family’s life. Inspired by his determination, Inna realized that with an abundance of devotion and passion, creating a better life for yourself and your loved ones is achievable. She founded ECDI on those principles and continues to make a difference in the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs across the state of Ohio through her devotion to serve the small business community.
#myecdi is my legacy.

– Inna Kinney, Founder & CEO, ECDI

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