Navigator Management Partners Uses IT Solutions to Help Businesses Run More Efficiently

Management and IT Consulting firm, Navigator Management Partners is helping businesses achieve operational excellence. And how do they approach this process?

“By Advising them on how to run their business more effectively and we work through their information technology resources to help them do that,” says President and Founder Dave Schoettmer.

Navigator Management Partners works with the business or finance side of an organization to streamline processes. Clients typically include Fortune 500 companies, state and local governments, as well as higher education institutions. Schoettmer says it’s time for them to step in when, “There is awareness that things should be running more effectively than they are.”

The road to efficiency starts with experienced consultants evaluating how a business runs. They answer questions like  – What are the different parts of an organization doing? Are efficient processes in place? The consultants then use this information to eliminate operations that don’t add value to the business. Some solutions come in the form of organizational change while others focus on development of talent. But, at the core of Navigator’s ideology is looking for ways to use IT to make businesses more efficient.

Schoettmer founded Navigator Management Partners in 2001. He came from a consulting background and while he had a great appreciation for the culture of his previous company, he desired to do things a bit differently.

“We started the company to control the scope of what we deliver,” he says. Navigator Management Partners is dedicated to taking on clients for which they are sure they can impact the bottom line.

“We are very passionate about advising clients how to achieve that operational excellence and not just put in a system,” Schoettmer says. He notes how firms sometimes swap one problem for another. They implement a system but can the business then run it? Navigator Management Partners focuses on delivering both.

Their method has proven successful.

“We have a strong track record of clients hiring us for additional projects,” Schoettmer says.

Repeat clients have also led to the company’s ranking on the Inc. 5000 list for the seventh year in a row. The company has expanded to 150 employees across three offices over 12 year, with their Columbus office being the most tenured.

Schoettmer also contributes the organization’s growth to his team of experienced consultants. Navigator Management Partners looks for individuals with over ten years experience in challenging environments.

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