New American Deli Bringing Wholesale Charcuterie & Old-World Deli Meats to Ohio

Carnivores can feast on corned beef brined for 21 days, cured pork salamis and a variety of other deli meats all sourced from the Buckeye State. The eats are handmade by recently launched New American Deli.

Business partners David Martin and Brian Erchenbrecher turned a passion into a business with the advent of the deli. The duo met in the entertainment industry, managing events at the Schottenstien Center. They kept in touch across job changes, and, “When we started talking and exploring some new options career wise, food was definitely something we gravitated toward,” Martin says. 

The home cooks with an interest in all sorts of food started exploring ideas for a business. They looked at cheeses and fermented or pickled veggies, but both were markets with at least some traction.

“We realized that in the charcuterie world, there was a giant void in Ohio,” Martin says. According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, “There isn’t a single wholesale producer of charcuterie in the state.” 

That ‘isn’t’ is changing to ‘wasn’t’ thanks to New American Deli. To fill the hole in the market, the duo spent two years testing, trying  and tweaking recipes to give them a signature flair and build their meat arsenal.

“Once this spring rolled around we decided it was time to finally launch,” Martin says. 



New American Deli’s current lineup features three cured pork salamis – chorizo, a classic Italian getting flavor from fennel and black pepper, and their signature New American with mead from Brother’s Drake, nutmeg, garlic and black pepper.

Their variety of deli meats are made old-world style, often brining for multiple days, instead of the injected it, cook it, out the door methodology of major producers. Canadian Bacon has proven to be a top-seller so far, and the deli also offers classics like smoked ham, oven roasted turkey, pastrami and corned beef.

New American Deli spent time learning the industry from some who know it best. Martin spent a month at the industry-famous Fatted Calf in California. Back in Ohio, they’ve made connections with fellow food producers at The Commisary where they do all their production.

New American Deli has been frequenting the farmers markets this year, becoming staples at the Pearly Alley Market downtown and in Clintonville. They rolled out a lunch menu to serve the afternoon crowd downtown, and opted for a brunch and by-the-pound combo in Clintonville.

By this time next year, New American Deli is aiming for a whole different ballgame. They are waiting for wholesale approval from the ODA which will allow them to break into the grocery store market and even provide to restaurants. A coveted full-size truck versus the current cart system will also not only allow them to add more Ohio-made products, but allow New American Deli to operate like a mobile, roll-up deli for smaller grocers that don’t have a counter.

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