New Meeting Space Brings Wellness to Office Environment

Health, wellness and office space might seem like a unique combination, but one Brewery District space is bringing them all together. Vue at 95 Liberty Street houses non-profit FLIP, as well as a unique meeting area, Thrive.

Carl Seiley opened the space with Fiance and Business Partner Liz Moore in September 2013.  Seiley’s non-profit, FLIP, was the catalyst for the venue. FLIP – Fight, Live, Inspire, Prevent – targets cancer prevention and awareness.

As the non-profit grew, “We wanted a building and office for FLIP to help solidify FLIP in the community,” Seiley says. The organization had mainly operated online with a few community events.

“We wanted a space in a downtown setting that was big, open and functional,” he says. However to operate the space, Seiley and Moore needed to figure out a way to generate revenue. After attending several themselves, the couple thought weddings would be a good fit for the venue, then came the idea for meetings.

Seiley wants to bring FLIP’s core values into the Thrive workspace. “Thrive has three primary goals, he says. “The first, provide organizations with an inspiring place to host meetings. Second, create a more productive meeting environment through a wellness-centric design. And finally to show employees how simple wellness concepts can be integrated into their own environment.”

“There are a lot of simple things we can do on a day-t0-day basis,” he says of promoting health in the workplace.

The first and most important is movement throughout the day. Thrive provides ample room for visitors to get up and move around. The space also features several standing features along with specialized stools that provide active seating. The stools are designed to engage the core and are adjustable to different heights.

Thrive also focuses on health and wellness through food. Sensible snacking options are available on-site, along with a healthy, custom catering menu from dock580.


Finally, Thrive is built around a holistic approach to wellness. The space has several plants, fewer building materials, ample natural sunlight, calming water features and designated areas for relaxation.

While all of these features are housed in an open, 4,000-square-foot room, Thrive works to create smaller and more intimate settings within the space. It’s all about flexibility.

Seiley says the space can be adapted for groups of 10 to 20 people up to 250. No matter the group size, renters will have the whole space to themselves.

Flexibility extends beyond size. Thrive has seen initial success utilizing the venue as a wedding space. However, Seiley is eager to build it’s name as an innovate meeting space. Clients want a unique space that’s more than just a room. Thrive can be adapted for corporate meetings, conferences, seminars, fundraising events and small team building exercises.

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