New Mobile Truck Makes Canning Easy for Craft Breweries

Columbus loves a craft brewery. The hot-spots have been popping up across the city. What hasn’t been popping up is craft brews in cans.

Canning lines are costly, often clocking in at over $250,000. Not only do small breweries have to make space for the equipment, they also have to find storage for all the cans, which are often purchased in large quantities. Buckeye Canning is offering an innovative solution – a mobile canning line housed in a box truck. Owner Dan Blatt will roll the truck right up to a brewery’s bright tank, set up the line and get to work. The intricate machine can fill 40 cans per minute and drain a barrel in about 14 minutes. The machine works at a lightning pace compared to the hand-bottling that Blatt sees some craft breweries doing. Buckeye canning will also house a brewery’s pre-filled cans, saving them space.

buckeye-canning-logo1Buckeye Canning is an affiliate of Mobile Canning Systems, based in Colorado. As a group, these mobile canners have filled over three million cans.

“Cans are the way the craft beer market is going,” Blatt says.

Canning beer has a long list of advantages. Cans don’t allow light or oxygen to infiltrate the brew. They cool quicker. They are lighter to ship. There are several places you can bring cans but not bottles. And finally, cans are more easily recyclable.

“It’s a great way for small breweries to get into a package and help them grow,” Blatt says.

Breweries tend to see an increase in market growth when their product is available in a can.

Buckeye Canning is based in Amherst, OH but plans to service breweries across Ohio and western Pennsylvania. Locally, they have already made an agreement with Elevator Brewing Co. and are in talks with several others. Breweries in Cleveland, Toldeo, Dayton and Yellow Springs are committed to canning their crafts as well.

Blatt had always wanted to open his own brewery, but when the plan didn’t materialize, mobile canning was always in the back of his mind. He and business partner BJ Solomon then invested in the truck that will start canning Ohio craft brews in mid-September.

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