New Web Design Company Creative Lab Opens in Clintonville

Offering web design and IT consulting services at an affordable price, new agency Creative Lab is establishing its roots in Clintonville. The office is a branch of global parent company, Themesoft.

The firm that ranks on the Inc500’s list of fastest growing U.S. companies chose Columbus for its strong client prospect list, talented potential staff coming from schools like OSU, and thriving entrepreneurial community.

“Columbus was a really great place to be because it’s a happening town,” says Creative Lab Manager Allen Cochran.

There are two things that Chochran says set them apart from other design firms. The first is lean management practices and agile project methodology.

“We take those on and what that really means for us is faster and cheaper, while maintaining the quality people deserve and expect,” he says.

Creative Lab’s team is also extremely service and experience driven.CreativeLaLogo

“We will absolutely design websites, we will design you mobile apps, but we want to understand why before we do that,” Cochran says. “And if you’re not sure why, we’re expert enough to help you develop why.” Each client relationship starts with extensive conversations to make sure they are ready to invest the money, and understand what they are getting into and why.

Creative Lab’s services fall into three buckets – research, interaction and social – with solutions for clients lying in the correct proportions of each.

Research means establishing and validating. Is there a market need and customer base? Interaction is the designing and building portion of the project. Creative Lab takes the insights from the research phase and turns them into a piece of design or a digital asset. Social lies in the storytelling and marketing. As Cochran explains it, how do they test what they’ve created and subsequently get it out there to serve the client base?

Being a brand new agency, Creative Lab doesn’t have a typical client yet. One of the clients they want to serve, and one they find to be largely undeserved, is the small business. These ventures often don’t have huge budgets for such services, and Creative Lab wants to offer small businesses quality design quickly and inexpensively.

As a larger corporation, Themesoft works with clients like Pepsi, Nike, Cognizant and some larger companies out of India. Projects out of the Creative Lab so far have primarily focused on app development and web design.

With a network of global offices, Creative Lab plans to keep the Columbus branch small with about 10 employees. Cochran calls it an expert team with the ability to wear many hats.

“Everybody who works with us is not someone who comes from the singular service job,” he says. “Everybody that came to us has the capability to do a lot of different things.”

There’s a lot of fluidity and virtual teamwork that happens across Themesoft and Creative Lab. It has fostered an environment where employees are encouraged to speak up with ideas. If an employee can make a case for why something is important and valid, they will explore it.

“It’s nice to know that you are believed in,” Cochran says. Columbus represents a new opportunity to build something from the ground up.

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