Brassica Opening Test Kitchen in Upper Arlington

The local restaurant company that operates Northstar Café and Brassica will be opening a test kitchen in Upper Arlington, according to a development plan submitted to the city’s Board of Zoning and Planning today.

A new addition planned for the existing building at 1442 West Lane Avenue will house 5,500 square feet of test kitchen space, in addition to a new 2,600 square foot Brassica restaurant — the second location for the company’s newer fast-casual concept.

“We’ve been working with the Northstar guys for several years and are looking forward to getting them through the zoning process and getting them going,” stated Justin Milam, Planning Officer with the the City of Upper Arlington.

If this news is giving you a case of deja vu, there’s a reason for that. Northstar originally announced similar plans in 2014 to build a combined office and Northstar Cafe location at 1515 West Lane Avenue, just down the street. That plan for that specific site was shelved several months later.

The new development plan will be reviewed by officials from Upper Arlington at the upcoming July 18th Board of Zoning and Planning monthly meeting.

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Rendering via GRA+D Architects.

Update: This article was edited on 6/29 11:40am to make a correction about company office space that will not be a part of this new build.