NR Media Group Acquires Nvision Performance Solutions

NR Media Group acquired video media company Nvision Performance Solutions in May. With 60 to 70 percent of NR’s business coming from video production, “It made sense then just to bring this in-house,” says Founder Nate Riggs.

NR Media Group focuses on content marketing and media engineering.

“We help companies really figure out how to tell their story on the web through various different forms of media,” Riggs says. The group sees many companies struggle with how to evolve their brands in the ever-changing media landscape. Technology like smart phones and peer review sites are changing the game, but one of the biggest industry changes is the increasing popularity of video.

With a growing number of video production firms in Columbus, NR Media Group is focusing on clients that serve to educate end-consumers, primarily working with those interested in inbound and content marketing. Content marketing means staying power. It’s about creating content that is so useful or valuable that customers would want to pay for it just to have it as a resource. Riggs points out that many video media firms focus on telling a great story, and while important, does the video actually tie back to an objective for that business?

“We engineer them [videos] based on a strategic, smart goal,” he says. NR Media Group aims for more than a story, but  “How are we going to measure the effectiveness of that video towards a goal?” Riggs asks. He describes it as thinking backwards not just about the content, but what the content is going to do for a business.

NR Media Group had been doing much of their video work through contractors before discovering Nvision. More and more companies want to produce more and more videos, a situation that is not always cost-effective, but “Greg and Nate had started Nvision with the idea of being able to deliver value-based video,” Riggs says. They were focused on delivering quality videos at a friendly budget for medium-sized businesses.

It’s been a perfect and profitable fit right from the start.

“From the moment we bought the acquisition, Nvision started to generate revenue for us,” Riggs says.

Nvision brought talent, a book of business the company had already worked with, a library of videos NR Media Group could use from a business development standpoint, and a room full of production equipment to add to the group’s repertoire.

Since the acquisition, NR Media group has moved into a new studio and invested in $7,000 – $10,000 worth of video equipment to up their game. The company now has one of the fastest editing machines in the state. While much of the production could be done on-site, Riggs knew a studio would increase their production drastically.

Acquisitions of niche companies are a trend Riggs thinks will continue in the media world.

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