Octo-Pod Helps Users Charge Mobile Devices On The Go

Smartphones often seem to run out of battery at the most inconvenient times. A new company is out to ensure users of all sorts of mobile devices are never far from a charge. Oct-Pod creates an 8-corded station with ports to revive smartphones, cell phones, mobile gaming devices, tablets and digital cameras.

“We’re charging the devices that you use where you use them,” says Co-Founder Ian Hoyt. Octo-Pod is targeting public spaces like hotels, airports, medical offices and college campuses. A wireless version will eventually provide a charge in locations that typically don’t have many outlets, like restaurants and bars.

“There is unlimited opportunities for where we can use these,” he says.

Currently the company is finalizing their prototype, aiming for a low-profile, sleek design that won’t be an eyesore. Octo-Pod will utilize fluxcharge technology, helping devices charge more quickly.

Hoyt and business Partner Leonard Mack have done extensive testing and research to narrow the Octo-Pod down to eight cords. They found the top eight connectors of 2013 for phones, tablets and gaming devices and have been testing models in-house to figure out what is most effective.

Ports on the Octo-Pod will charge iPhones, MicroUSB devices encompassing apple products, droids, other smart phones and cell phones, Ninetndo 3DS, PSP and devices supported on a Samsung 30-pin plug, just to name a few.

The Octo-Pod is just one of the charging products the company has up their sleeve. The simpler Tertia Cord combines the iPhone 30-pin connector, the Apple lightning and a MicroUSB. The cords will be available on the company’s site very soon. Other cords and portable ion batteries are in the works. Ion batteries will be able to give phones 100 percent to 500 percent more charge.

Octo-Pod plans to sell all devices on their website.

“We are excited to alleviate a problem everyone has,” Hoyt says.

Octo-Pod isn’t the duo’s only venture. The founders are chronicling the entire process of starting the company through a website, LosersSayNo.com.

“You can see at face value what it’s actually like to run a business,” Hoyt says. They are documenting almost everything they do, being transparent through the process whether they experience failure or success. Hoyt is excited to not only share their adventures in entrepreneurship, but help motivate others.

“We wanted to be able to share our experience and motivate others to do what they want to do in life,” he says.

The site contains motivational articles to encourage other entrepreneurs follow their dreams. They even have a space where readers can share their own ups, downs and motivations.

For more information, visit octo-pod.com and loserssayno.com.