Why wouldn’t you get a second opinion?

In every aspect of of life, we seek out second opinions when we receive services from a professional or tradesperson. It just makes sense when we are dealing with issues and matters that we are unfamiliar with that we either affirm the advise or recommendation that we receive.

It does not matter whether we are dealing with a strange noise our car is making, the need for better insulation in our homes, or an invasive procedure recommended by a medical specialist. Common sense, fiscal sense, and sometimes safety mandates we obtain another opinion to either confirm or call into question the original recommended course of action.

So why do people seemingly never get second opinions when receiving legal advice or services? Because we have been brainwashed and conditioned that it is uncouth or impolite to do so.

Ridiculous! Here are some reasons you absolutely must have a “second opinion counsel” in your corner:

Just as you would want a second medical opinion before undergoing an intensive treatment or surgery, it is important to have a second attorney review your case if you have any doubts about how your lawyer is handling your proceeding. Some valid reasons to pursue a second legal opinion include:

  • • You want greater certainty you have made or will make the proper decision to sue or go forward if suit is already filed
  • • You suspect improper, incompetent, or insufficient handling of a case
  • • You believe there is a conflict of interest
  • • Your case is moving too slowly
  • • Your case is costing a lot but you are not seeing results or value for those costs
  • • Your lawyer does not seem familiar with the area of law or the legal complexities involved with your case
  • • You can’t get meaningful answers or clear strategies from your attorneys about the case

If you are concerned about how your lawyer is preparing or prosecuting your case, it may be in your best interest to receive a second opinion from a law firm that you can trust. Our attorneys are committed to reviewing all aspects of your legal proceeding and can advise you on whether or not your case is being properly handled.

Whether you need clarification on the legal process or you are considering changing or adding your current counsel, we have the knowledge and experience to address all of your legal business concerns.