Organic Growth: Columbus Spa Blooms

Nestled in a cozy brick home in the Discovery District, one of the first things that you are struck by as you walk into Replenish is the calming sense of warmth that radiates throughout the building. Every object within seems to convey an intimate personal message, and nothing seems out of place. Plush seating is always within an arm’s reach, uplifting verses from a local poet adorn the mirror in the massage room, and a pleasant aroma flows throughout the entire building.

Listening to Deja Redman speak about her business, it is difficult to imagine a time when she was not running a spa with her sister and mother. As she sips on her tea, she says, “It’s our purpose to do this together as a family-owned business.”

History is very important to the trio. On the second floor, you can find a photo collage depicting the lineage of the strong women in their family. In turn, there is a long history behind their business success. As Redman says, it was not so long ago they were “hopping on one leg,” working hard to get their dream off the ground.

In the early days, Replenish was nothing more than an idea between two sisters and their mother. Now, Replenish has grown, offering a wide assortment of massage treatments, facial exfoliations, donation-based yoga services and acupuncture. In addition to acting as a one-stop-shop for wellness needs, Replenish also doubles as a local boutique, featuring a treasure trove of local products, such as all-natural soaps and candles.


Redman attributes their business’ success to sustaining a strong mindset and an equally strong support system. She says two of the most important skills an entrepreneur can possess are faith and patience.

“In business, you often want to be here, and you want to skip all the steps,” Redman says. “If you want a business that is going to be rooted and grounded and steady, it takes patience.”

Most importantly, Redman advises, “If you’re not passionate about what you do, you shouldn’t have your own business. Practice patience and believe in what you can’t see.”

In terms of support, Replenish has received financial and educational resources from the Economic and Community Development Institute.

“What I love about ECDI is that they speak in laymen terms, but also know bank language,” Redman says. “That’s important – they break it down for you. Working with ECDI is less stressful. It provides a resource…there is so much more available than just going there and getting funding.”

Their Relationship Manager, James Grills, agrees.

“Every so often you’re lucky enough to develop a friendship behind it…and that’s one of the things I got out of it – just being able to see these guys going from where they were at to here…I’m real proud of [them],” Grills says.

Once ECDI helped Replenish receive loan capital and entrepreneurship assistance through The Women’s Business Center of Ohio, their enterprise slowly began to take off, and the trio were able to continue their passion for service. Their mission of “redefining beauty for women” spurs them all to work hard and put in long hours.

“What we’re doing is beyond putting on polish for women,” Redman says. “Confidence is everything…we want to build people up so they feel empowered to live their best lives.”

And their efforts seem to be working. Redman says that occasionally clients cry before they leave because they’re so happy that they feel loved, supported and cared for.

“To me, that’s the best part,” she says.

Visiting Replenish, one is reminded that entrepreneurship is so much more than just a way to make ends meet – it is an art form, one that is mastered with sufficient patience and dedication to allow one’s dreams to bloom.

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