OXYWater on several retailers’ shelves just one year after launch

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that OXYWater is a homegrown product that launched less than a year ago, as it’s readily available at mass retailers such as Whole Foods, Meijer, and Walgreens. The health water’s founders probably aren’t surprised, though.

Tom Jackson and Preston Harrison (a former Ohio State football player) contend that if you believe in a product and completely dedicate yourself to it, the right opportunities will present themselves.

The entrepreneurs, who have worked in the nutrition supplement business, began forming the concept for OXYWater when they decided the market lacked a product that gave consumers a healthy way to hydrate− minus calories, sodium, carbohydrates, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners.

Available in six flavors and sweetened with FDA-approved Stevia Reb A (which is derived from a plant), OXYWater is oxygenated and “enhanced” with B vitamins (which boost energy, promote healthy digestion, and create healthy red blood cells), electrolytes (which help conduct electrical impulses throughout the body), and 70 trace minerals.

Additionally, one serving of OXYWater provides antioxidant power equal to three servings of fruit.

Besides offering a tasty beverage, the folks at OXYWater have made it their mission to educate the public about healthy hydration, and if recent partnerships with prominent organizations are any indication, they’re getting the message across loud and clear.

In the last year, OXYWater has teamed with the Central Ohio Diabetes Association, the American Red Cross, and the Veterans Supplemental Support Network, and been named the official beverage of the American Basketball Association and the official health drink of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising then that the company’s founders say their biggest challenge to date is being able to quickly get OXYWater in the hands of all the people who want it.

For that reason, the company also sells OXYWater online through its website.

To learn more about OXYWater, visit TryOXYWater.com.