Part Time Works aims to fill gaps in employment market

A new local staffing agency is hoping to fill a gap in the employment market by specializing in the placement of talented, experienced professionals in long-term, part-time positions.

As CEO of BLF Management Ltd., a Columbus-based association and nonprofit management firm, Brad Feldman saw firsthand the benefits to having professionals commit to an organization’s success on a part-time basis.

Associations, nonprofits, and small businesses must serve their members, constituents and clients to the best of their abilities while keeping costs down, and the biggest expense tends to be personnel, Feldman says.

Brad Feldman
Brad Feldman is president and founder of Part Time Works

“By hiring part-time professionals, they can get the experience they need and at a price they can afford,” he adds. “It creates a win-win situation.”

With that in mind, Feldman launched Part Time Works in January. To date, the agency has placed four workers.

“We have really focused on finding the ideal match for both clients and candidates, and we hope to have between five and 10 candidates working at one time when operating at full capacity,” he says. “We strongly believe in quality over quantity.”

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The Metropreneur: So how do you find your candidates?

Brad Feldman: We have a very robust database that is updated any time a candidate applies on our website. Currently, we have around 4,000 individuals in our database and we are able to create extensive searches to drill down to the exact qualifications and skills we are looking for in a particular posting. We also have partnerships with Careerbuilder and Snagajob so we can continually search for the best talent.

In addition, word-of-mouth is very important to us. We strive to be active in our community through our employees and their networks, participating in local chamber events and associations, and simply by embodying the model we believe in and champion through Part Time Works.

[M]: You’ve said Part Time Works understands the special criteria a part-time professional role requires. What is that special criteria? 

BF: A part-time professional role is very different from a temp or a contract worker. It is very common for the types of positions we place to be very career-minded roles with purpose. This means our candidates are using their skills and doing something they are passionate about, but they still are able to balance their work and home life.

The candidates we hire are very qualified with a diverse skill set. Since we work with small organizations, candidates must be willing to adapt and pitch in if a task falls outside a given job description. But with that comes a unique sense of validation, of being an integral part of an organization, contributing toward a purpose and making a difference.

[M]: What kinds of businesses have part-time positions open? Are there specific sectors that frequently need part-time workers? 

BF: We’re finding that many businesses that may have previously hired full-time workers, due to budget constraints or shifting needs, are now considering part-time professional positions.

Then there are the clients we specifically focus on, such as associations, non-profits and small businesses, who don’t necessarily have a need for a full-time employee, but need someone with specific skills and experience to come in several hours a week for projects and regular duties.

The top two sectors seeking qualified part-time professionals are accounting and nonprofit organizations.

[M]: Do your candidates have to meet specific criteria? Do you screen them in any way?

BF: All employees of Part Time Works must meet a minimum requirement of at least one year of higher education or five years or more in relevant work experience unless otherwise specified in the job description. Trade and vocational schools are acceptable if relevant to the position. Our ultimate focus is on finding the right fit for the client based on the requirements of the position, and the ideal candidate’s experience, personality, and passion.

For each open position we are looking to fill, we contact qualified applicants for in-depth phone screens and, often, in-person interviews. Our goal is to obtain specific information from candidates about what they want to do and what they are looking for in an employment opportunity in order to find the ideal fit and situation for their needs.

[M]: Is there anything else you think we should know?

BF: When searching the Internet for part time positions in our area, one is usually hard-pressed to find anything outside of retail or food service, and certainly nothing for someone with education and experience in a professional field. We want to fill that void, and be able to provide that connection for employers to find employees and qualified employees to find great places to work using their background. We understand the value of part-time employees, and as such that is what we employ here in our own office.

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