Passion, Purpose, Profit Symposium Scheduled for July 21

CleanTurn is hosting its second annual Passion, Purpose, Profit Symposium on July 21 at the Roosevelt Coffeehouse from 7:30 a.m – 12:00 p.m. Fellow social enterprise Hot Chicken Takeover and additional industry experts will join CleanTurn in exploring solutions to build business models to employ the formerly incarcerated.

The goal is to inject the DNA of Hot Chicken Takeover and CleanTurn into the broader business community in terms of how they think about their business models, especially with respect to their hiring policies,” says CleanTurn President & CEO John Rush. 

The symposium will explore the technical aspects to personal stories of second-chance employment.

Event sponsor Worley Law will discuss Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated: Navigating Policies and Creating Cultures with featured speakers:

  • Julie Young, Worley Law, LLC
  • Stephen JohnsonGrove, Ohio Justice and Policy Center
  • Michele Reynolds, Coffee Crafters Barrista Academy
  • Katie Schad, Nehemiah Manufacturing
  • Christine Money, Kindway

It’s more the technical aspects of what to think through as far as hiring individuals with challenges in their past,” Rush says. 

In addition to addressing public policy and legal questions, panelists will discuss creating a culture that allows these individuals to thrive.

Attendees will also find such insights directly from individuals who have found second-chance employment. Employees will share their personal stories of re-entry and what their journey has been like, and what it looks like to be thriving in a place of employment.

The symposium will wrap up with a fireside chat featuring Rush and Joe DeLoss of Hot Chicken Takeover.

“Basically the conversation he and I have on a regular basis, we’re going to have it in a public setting,” Rush says.

He and DeLoss will share insights on the application process, coaching, mentoring, retention and support services that go into employing formerly incarcerated individuals. Attendees can also expect to hear an inside look at both businesses – what they have learned, how the businesses are now functioning and what’s next. 

Rush sees more and more companies interested in employing individuals with obstacles in their past.

I think people are starting to think a little bit more holistically,” he says. 

People are processing things, seeing themselves as having been in similar situations but not reaping serious consequences, or taking more time to understand the context and circumstances that some individuals grow up in.

Companies that are looking to shift their paradigms in terms of hiring individuals who have had challenges in their past and others in the HR field making hiring and cultural decisions will find value in the symposium. Rush also encourages aspiring social entrepreneurs that want to create businesses similar in nature to attend. 

Tickets for the Passion, Purpose, Profit are $20. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.