Peak Performance helps Logan County businesses grow

Logan County’s first small business incubator opened in May 2011, offering entrepreneurs professional space, consulting and advisory services, and networking opportunities to help them succeed.

Located at 124 S. Main St. in downtown Bellefontaine, Peak Performance Entrepreneurial Center was created to help cultivate a forward-thinking, proactive, and visionary business community in the largely rural area.

“With today’s technology, you can build a business that impacts your region, state, country, and world from most anywhere− with the right resources and mindset,” says Cheri Smith, manager of Peak Performance.

“In Logan County, we face challenges like providing businesses with resources, education, and networks to help them grow, creating opportunity for native young professionals to return, and an overall empathetic mentality towards business and entrepreneurship,” she adds. “Our theory is that Logan County does not stand alone in those needs. That is why our primary vision is to create a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation to provide a platform for the great ideas, inventions, and people that will shape the future of business in America.”

Peak Performance currently has space for up to seven businesses. It occupies 4,ooo square feet on the first floor of a three-story facility. The other floors will be developed as needed.

Four 120-square-foot cubicles (with seven-foot walls for privacy) are available for rent. Four companies already reside at Peak Performace: Perry H. Hodies Photography; Raindrop Communications LLC; LFH Properties and Investments LLC; and Providence Holdings, which owns the center.

Resident and non-resident businesses have access to consulting and advisory services, workshops, and conference rooms. Non-residents can also undergo a business assessment designed to reveal vulnerable areas in their operations and help set goals to strengthen them.

The team that provides coaching and advising is made up of entrepreneurs in various fields.

“We have people experienced in investment, marketing, advertising and branding, mathematical research, and system building all working together to provide as comprehensive a consultation as possible,” Smith says.

To learn more about Peak Performance Entrepreneurial Center, visit