Petit Green experiences growth thanks to concierge gift registry

Since Petit Green began offering a concierge gift registry, its registry business has jumped 19 percent and additional double-digit growth is expected in 2013.

Located at Polaris Fashion Place, Petit Green offers a variety of products for babies and children −from strollers and bedding to toys and clothes− that are made with non-toxic materials and have minimal environmental impact.

The concierge service includes free gift wrap for registered items and complimentary delivery to a specified location.

“The baby registry business is a lucrative market that big box stores think they do well,” says Petit Green Owner Cherie Hinson. “However, I believe expecting parents need more than a barcode scanner and a store map to properly prepare for a new child.”

petit-greenThat’s why Petit Green offers personalized consultations to learn about the specific needs of registry members.

For instance, “If you travel all the time for work, it’s important to sell you a light weight compact stroller,” she says. “If you are a runner and enjoy the outdoors, I will show you different products.”

Customers love the conveniences of the concierge program, she says, especially since they don’t add to the cost of the shopping experience.

This year, Petit Green began offering personalized and complementary shower invitations to the concierge program, which are expected to be very popular.

Registry users also get a list of green products that Hinson thinks are the best on the market.

“I’m pregnant with my third child and six years ago, during my first pregnancy, I could not find great green products or a place to one-stop-shop,” she says. “I tried some some boutiques −even went to the gross chain stores− to see stuff overwhelmingly scattered in with the knock-off, lesser quality items that just confuse consumers.”

Hinson relied on simple trial and error to determine which products were superior, as well as dinnertime recommendations from her family members who work in the medical field.

Hinson attributes the growth in the registry business to word of mouth recommendations from satisfied customers.

“We have been lucky to handle some wonderful clients and really make their showers extra special,” she says.

While Hinson declined to give registry revenue figures, she noted that the registry business accounts for 12 percent of total receipts at the store.

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