Pizza entrepreneur launches mobile business

Nick Gore wants to open a pizza shop. Like many other new food-based entrepreneurs, he’s hoping to achieve this goal in phases by first launching a mobile cart-based version of the business. Food carts have proven to be a low-cost startup alternative that allows business owners to test products and build a loyal fanbase before fully investing in a brick-and-mortar space. We recently spoke with Nick for a Q&A about his pizza operations. You can find out more about his business below, and read about the pizza flavors and experience in the second half of the interview over at Columbus Underground.

Q: What first drew you to wanting to start a pizza business? A: After years of making pizza at home, it became apparent that this was something that I was truly passionate about. After many talks with longtime friend Max Hessman, we both decided to take steps together to one day open a wood fired pizza shop. In my quest to learn the ways of wood fired cooking, the only clear path that presented itself was through the purchase of a mobile wood fired oven. The timing and price were exactly right, so I made the investment.

Once I owned the mobile oven, it only made sense to start a mobile pizza business. And so GoreMade Pizza was born, albeit a bit earlier than originally planned. Since it’s mobile, it allows me to keep my day job, taking it slow as I get all the logistics worked out.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about working with the Idea Foundry and their involvement in your business?

A: A friend of mine has a space at the Columbus Idea Foundry. When I found out that I’d need a three compartment sink/hand washing sink installed to pass the Health Department’s inspection, I inquired as to how I could make this happen. That’s when I was introduced to Metaldelphia’s Mark Lamson, resident metal fabricator at the CIF. He’s been an amazing resource on a super-tight budget, helping me not only bring my oven up to code, but completely renovating it from a dumpy old trailer and oven to a highly functional, well balanced and beautiful piece of art.

The care he’s shown in this project is more than I could have asked for, let alone afford anywhere else. We’re still tweaking it all and working out the bugs, but I must say that Mark was a godsend. It’s almost as though he cares about the project more than I do. I would highly recommend his services for all your metal fabrication needs!

Q: Have you utilized any other business services to get things up and running?

A: I’ve had a couple meetings with Small Business Development Center of Columbus. They got me straight on how to go about applying for an LLC and helped me get all my ducks in a row. Columbus Public Health has also been really great in answering all my questions and concerns. Zach [Traxler] at Traxler Tees printed up some GoreMade Pizza T-shirts and I used Reinhardt Printing for business cards. I also frequent the Clintonville Farmer’s Market and the Clintonville Co-op for local and organic ingredients.

Also, RDP Food Distributor of Clintonville has been really great, working with me to figure out my food needs. My plan is to spend my money as locally as possible, and these companies are all Clintonville-based just like myself, which is awesome!

Q: What are your long-term goals for GoreMade?

A: Since I first realized my passion for pizza, it has always been the eventual goal to one day open up a brick-and-mortar pizza shop. With the managerial expertise of high school friend Max Hessman, we hope to bring new light to the pizza scene, offering a great space for great folks to come and enjoy great food, great beer and great wine. I’d also love to have a space that supports local art and performances with a big emphasis on community building and locally sourced ingredients.

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