Post House Delivering Award-Winning Video Content

With the marketing know-how to tell a story well, video production boutique Post House works on video for some of the most recognizable brands in Columbus like the Blue Jackets, The Ohio State University and PromoWest Productions. Delivering clients both large and small unrivaled cinema capability, the firm has racked up an impressive 41 Emmy’s in their 14 years and are nominated for another 14 this year.

What started as a husband-wife duo has grown to an eight-person, full-service firm. And by full-service, they really do it all when it comes to video, from copywriting, filming and editing, to media management.

Half of that husband-wife duo, Director of Marketing & Stylist Kimberly Flaherty recently answered The Metropreneur’s questions about how the growing firm came to be, and what makes Post House stand out.

[M] Tell us about the background of Post House and how the company was formed.

Post House was created in 2001 by Timothy M. Flaherty while he was studying communication and film at The Ohio State University. After graduation, Tim began working with ABC6/FOX28 and utilized Post House as an additional creative outlet, particularly for sports highlight film projects. After his time in local news, Tim took a position as creative director for the Columbus Sports Network (CSN). As a new startup station during the recession of 2008, CSN struggled and eventually closed its doors leaving Tim with the opportunity to pursue Post House as his main focus.posthouselogo

Tim partnered with his wife Kimberly, a marketing director with a billion dollar automotive group at the time (and also a fellow OSU grad), on many creative projects, which was a foreshadowing of how the company would soon operate with the husband-wife duo at the helm.

[M] Tell us more about the services you offer.

Services offered include creative & concepts, copywriting, cinematography/videography, video content production, radio content production, print/digital/outdoor design, color grading & finishing, audio finishing, live event production, digital distribution and media management.

Post House specializes in high-resolution, high-quality images shooting from full 1920×1090 HD DSLR to full 6K on the RED EPIC Dragon. We also have an in-house Canon 5D and RED Scarlet. The production specialists at Post House are experts in cinematic lighting, high-resolution video workflow and color correction, grading and finishing.

[M] What makes Post House different than other video production boutiques?

At Post House, we are content creators who think like marketers. Our ability to generate fresh, new creative ideas and produce with a purpose is unsurpassed in the market and it’s part of what makes us totally different. We take an innovative approach to problem solving and have the ability to visualize solutions to challenges, no matter how seemingly impossible, even if that means engineering new camera rigs or creating new post-production workflow processes. We put quality work above any budget limitations and at the end of the day we strive to tell really great stories.

[M] Do you have a niche of companies you work with? I see you’ve done some great work with the Blue Jackets. Any other local clients you’ve worked with?

We cut our teeth in the sports and automotive business, but have grown as storytellers in nearly every industry segment.

Locally, we work with The Columbus Blue Jackets, The Columbus Clippers, Big Ten Network, Ohio State Athletics, Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Lane Bryant, The Diamond Cellar and PromoWest Productions (we produce their weekly show PromoWest Live and also produced their 30 Years Live Rockumentary). (And that’s just naming a few!)

On a national level we work with Inspirato with American Express (the world’s largest private travel company), Cabela’s, and Bare Necessities among others.

[M] You were recently nominated for several regional Emmy Awards. Congratulations! Tell us more about the honors. 

The team at Post House has received 41 Emmy awards throughout the years and received 14 nominations this year. We have a phenomenal creative team at Post House and are fortunate to be very busy, so it’s not often we get the opportunity to slow down and look back at last year’s accomplishments. The Emmy Awards give us that unique opportunity and we’re looking forward to an exciting event again this year. (On a side note, Post House also produced the live show for last year’s Emmy award ceremony.)

[M] What’s your biggest challenge as a business?

Our largest challenge is to always continue to over deliver exceptional creative and service to the level that our client partners have grown accustomed to receiving. This is what we pride ourselves on. This is what we love doing. But every time we elevate creative, we are challenged with surpassing it and making it even better the next time.

[M] How has being located in Columbus impacted your business?

Columbus is an exciting city that is growing rapidly. We have access to so many great companies right here in our own backyard, making it a great place to grow a business. We are also conveniently located in very close proximity to the airport (by design) making travel exceptionally easy for our team. And with the large number of colleges and universities we have a vast pool of young talent to tap into!

[M] Anything else you would like to add?

At Post House we talk a lot about our client partners and our attention to quality creative, but I have to say the single most important thing about Post House is our people. We have the most amazing team of talented individuals and all-around good, genuine people.

We also care very deeply for our city and giving back is very important to us. We have donated our time to many worthwhile projects including: The Sweet Princess Project aimed at bringing an end to human trafficking, Breast Cancer PSAs, Tyler’s Light to promote drug prevention, awareness and support to reduce the loss of life due to drug addiction, and The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.

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