Rapid Growth Continues for Zipline Logistics

The Metropreneur caught up with Zipline Logistics back in 2011 and the same headline reads true again -Zipline Logistics has grown considerably since its launch in 2007. Three more years has doubled the company’s number of employees from 14 to 28.

“We’ve grown over 35 percent every year,” says Director Andrew Lynch. As for 2014, “All of the economic signs point to a very rosy year.”  Lynch says the company has been investing in infastructure and putting the pieces in place for an even bigger year, projecting 50 percent growth.

Zipline has added new services to their repertoire over the years. The company has about 10,000 trucking companies under contract with 25,000 in their network, creating expanded shipping options like refrigerated and temperature-controlled trucks.  The rail department has tripled in size as well. Finally, Zipline also added the niche of port services. The specialized service is not widely offered by logistics companies, and is what Lynch describes as a tiny but crucial part of shipping containers.

“What we seek with new demographics and services is driven by ‘Can we really step in and make a difference ?'” Lynch says. Zipline looks to make an impact and provide customers with a service they haven’t had before.

With continued growth comes the milestone of Zipline’s 50,000 shipment to be reached sometime in the first quarter. In comparison, Zipline completed 1,000 shipments in its first year.

Cutting-edge technology and a strong corporate culture contribute to Zipline’s success.

“It’s about serving one another as people, serving our community and serving our clients in the best way we can,” Lynch says. Zipline wants to improve lives a little every day – whether it’s their customers, or the lives of their employees. The formula is working as Lynch says they don’t loose customers and have low employee turnover.

But one final factor has helped Zipline grow – the city itself.

“One of the best decisions we made in our planning was to choose Columbus as our location,” Lynch says.

For more information, visit ziplinelogistics.com.