Reliance Remodeling owners believe in a hands-on approach

Ben, Bruce, and Golnaz Motamedi make up the Reliance Remodeling team

The Motamedi family has developed their business over the last five years with the same conscientious attention to detail paid to their diverse portfolio of home remodeling and renovation projects.

A true family business, siblings Ben, Bruce, and Golnaz Motamedi make up the Reliance Remodeling team. They have been improving the appearance and form of Central Ohio homes for five years, with a focus on bespoke customer solutions and reliable owner project supervision.

Boasting backgrounds in engineering and architecture, Ben and Bruce began expanding their repertoire in 2005 by investing in small personal projects, such as floor refinishing, tile installation, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Ben, Bruce, and Golnaz Motamedi of Reliance Remodeling.

They were able to take on projects of increasing scale and complexity as their expertise grew and eventually became licensed, bonded, and insured contractors in December 2006. They named their firm Reliance Remodeling and, fittingly, dependability has always been at the heart of their enterprise.

“That is what people especially love about working with us,” says Golnaz, who joined the team in 2009 to lead design consulting and day-to-day operations. “We always make a point of being on site ourselves.”

Beyond owner oversight of projects, Reliance Remodeling’s commitment to client satisfaction means assisting a client in selecting the appropriate variety of tile for a project and creating a 3-D rendering of the renovation. The firm tackles all manner of home remodeling projects, from bathroom remodeling, flooring installation, repair and refinishing to demolition and drywall installation, painting and finishing, and exterior renovation.

“Ultimately, we are responsible for what we are delivering to the clients,” Golnaz says. “We want our work to speak for itself and in order to do so, we concentrate our efforts in producing a flawless finished product. We partner with reliable vendors and experienced subcontractors when necessary.”

In the past, ECDI has been able to finance businesses like Reliance Remodeling primarily through federal, state, and local programs. As the demand for our small business financing products skyrocketed, we knew it was time to create a new source for loan funds by launching the Invest Local Ohio campaign.

Every dollar committed by individual investors to the Invest Local Ohio program will be loaned to a local small business and leveraged with at least two more dollars from other ECDI loan funds and guarantees a minimum two percent return. Investors have the opportunity to lift up hardworking entrepreneurs like the Motamedis, whose success bolsters the local economy, creates jobs and taxpayers, and translates to more Ohioans participating in the economic mainstream.

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