Repurposed vinyl shopping bags to be sold at downtown Hills Market

Three Columbus area businesses have teamed up to create a shopping bag that is not only versatile but environmentally friendly, too.

Each year, more than 600,000 tons of waste are created from billboard vinyl in America alone. When the folks at CivitasNow −a media agency that specializes in sustainable advertising− discovered this, they decided to put that waste to work, using it to create a bag with an innovative strap that allows it to be worn as a shoulder tote or a backpack.

The reusable bags are UV resistant, weatherproof, and unique in color because each is made out of different billboards. The bags were designed specifically with The Hills Market in mind, and will be sold at the store’s second location on North Grant Avenue when it opens this month.

“They’re a market that has been such steadfast supporters of local businesses since the beginning,” says Jacob Taylor, co-founder of CivitasNow. “With the bag being constructed less than five blocks from the new downtown location, and our shared values, it’s a perfect fit.”

Seagull Bags is manufacturing the bags, which were created with the intention of helping consumers make smarter decisions in their daily lives, Taylor says.

Additionally, it is CivitasNow’s goal to help clients and users become more waste-neutral. In keeping with the company’s values, a tree will be planted for every bag sold.

Those eager to get their hands on the bags prior to their debut at The Hills Market, can purchase them now for $32 at

A portion of the bags’ proceeds will be donated to Local Matters, a non-profit dedicated to creating a stronger, more secure food system in Central Ohio.