Robert’s Remedies offers natural products that heal, beautify

A Columbus-based company specializing in natural remedies released its inaugural products last weekend.

As of Saturday, Easton Town Center’s Celebrate Local store carries bite + burn, face, and mouth− three products by Robert’s Remedies, which has set out to transform the personal care industry with an ingredient called essential Brewer’s Yeast Extract.

“Around the office we like to say eBYE helps cells help themselves, and that’s exactly what it does,” says Steven Shalwitz, co-founder and creative director a Robert’s Remedies. “Basically, when a cell gets damaged, eBYE steps in to give the cell a chance to repair itself, which speeds up the healing process considerably.”

Components of eBYE can be found in nearly every cell in the human body. And for everyday healthy cells, that existing eBYE is enough. However, for damaged cells, the eBYE in Robert’s Remedies shifts the healing process into overdrive.

So what is eBYE?

“We can’t tell you the names of the compounds− it’s a Robert’s Remedies secret,” says Isaiah Shalwitz, the company’s co-founder and director of operations.

So is Robert a real person?

He sure is. Not only is he Steven and Isaiah’s father, he’s a pharmaceutical developer whose research on how to relieve the mouth sores and burns cancer patients often experience during treatment inspired the Robert’s Remedies line.

Steven and Isaiah Shalwitz

He found that applying eBYE to injured, irritated, or damaged cells sped up the healing process and prevented things from getting worse.

“The more we learned about eBYE, the more we realized that we had something groundbreaking on our hands,” Isaiah says. “It’s an amazing ingredient that’s both super effective and truly natural. The success stories we’ve had already, even during our development process, have been incredible. Not only that, but eBYE has nearly endless applications because of its healing effect on cells. We have a lot of future eBYE products we’re excited about.”

Three are scheduled to launch by December.

Think remedies for the cold and flu season, Steven says.

Test batches for the first round of Robert’s Remedies products were made last summer. Since then, the brothers have been refining every detail, from flavor to smell to bottle design.

In the end, “We’re really pleased with our product line,” Steven says. “These remedies are a natural yet effective alternative to so many products you find on drugstore shelves.”

  • • bite + burn is an aloe-based gel that, as its name indicates, relives the sting in a bug bite and soothes a sunburn.
  • • mouth is a minty, lemony spray that calms a sore throat and mouth sores.
  • • face is a nighttime serum that rejuvenates skin cells while users rest.

“Our face remedy makes your skin not only feel softer, but hydrates your skin to a level that has surpassed even our expectations, and we’ve set those pretty high,” Steven says. “If that’s not enough, this product evens out skin tones by reducing blotchiness and redness. It is a great $22 nightly pick me up!”

All Robert’s Remedies products are made entirely in the United States− and that’s no accident.

“We’re committed to giving back to our community and supporting our local economy,” Steven says. “It’s hard to do that if you’re producing 10,000 miles away.”

Robert’s Remedies products are slated to be sold in stores nationwide by September.

“We have a focused team working with both local and national retailers to have our products on their shelves this fall,” Isaiah says, adding that consumers can also buy them 24/7 on the Robert’s Remedies website.

To learn more about Robert’s Remedies, visit