Routzy app helps professionals work effectively in the field

Local serial entrepreneur Skip Stringfield has created a mobile customer relationship management application exclusively for the iPad.

Routzy integrates with iPad’s native email and calendar apps, and gives users the ability to create proposals and quotes, develop floor plans and drawings, automatically fill PDF documents with contact data, signature capture and photograph annotation− regardless of Internet connection.

Plus, Routzy has built-in Dropbox integration, which means all data captured in the field is available in near real time on any device anywhere.

“The functionality of Routzy is so robust that it does the work of more than 10 apps− all in one elegant, intuitive, user-friendly tool,” says Stringfield. “It’s an application that a mobile workforce, such as sales reps, direct sales professionals, business owners and many freelance professionals, have embraced immediately.”

Routzy hit the Apple iTunes app store March 23, and within seven days it had been downloaded almost 400 times.

“With our most recent update [on June 17], Routzy was downloaded by nearly 1,000 users in 72 hours,” Stringfield says, adding that users can be found in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Australia, and Thailand.

Routzy is available for free for 14 days. After the free trial period, users pay $24.99 per month.

“From concept to our first official release was 18 months, and we had an entire crew of folks working on it− from specs, wire frames, user experience design, coding, testing, web design and marketing,” he says. “It’s been one of the most fulfilling times in my life.”

Routzy’s contact management feature is the one users utilize most.

“You can sort, filter, send  mass email, create reports, and really drill down and map your contacts in an endless number of ways,” he says.

However, the ability to import PDF files −with Routzy automatically filling out the contact information− is “the feature that makes everyone jump out of their seats,” he adds.

Stringfield, CEO of Coalesce Software and president of My Service Depot, has been building software for the service industry for nearly 20 years.

“Our flagship product, Smart Service, is tightly coupled with QuickBooks and it primarily focuses on ‘after the sale’ scheduling, job management, work order dispatch, and crew tracking,” he says. “With this experience behind me, I wanted to create an app that would engage the ‘pre-sale’ side.”

In the weeks ahead, Routzy plans to offer live webinars so potential users will be able to speak to a live customer service representative who can explain how Routzy fits into their business process.

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