Rowe Boutique is Expanding in The Short North

Rowe Boutique, located at 718 N. High Street in the Short North is expanding into the former Lux de Vie location next door at 720 N. High Street. Construction has already begun, and interior walls have been knocked out to double the total square footage of Rowe.

“I love our location,” said Rowe Boutique owner Maren Roth. “It has such an intimate and distinct feel, and I wanted to keep that integrity, but desperately needed more space.”

The re-design is a collaborative effort between Roth and the Hart-McFadden Group, and will not only double the size of Rowe, but also give the whole store a new look.

“When the opportunity arose to take over 720 N. High Street it prevented us from being required to move to a new location,” added Roth. “I am thrilled that we can remain in the same space, and I am very thankful to all of our customers for making Rowe what it is today and allowing us and demanding us to grow.”

Roth has plans to expand their dress, jewelry, shoe and accessory lines into the new larger space. The project is scheduled to be completed next week, just in time for April’s Gallery Hop and Rowe’s 3 Year Anniversary on April 7th. The store will remain open during the entire construction process.

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(Note: This article was originally published on on March 23, 2010)