ScaleUp Success: Kerri Mollard of Mollard Consulting, LLC

As a small business owner, the health of you, your business and your clients are all important for personal and business growth. Kerri Mollard of Mollard Consulting, LLC, understands that well and is taking healthy seriously. Mollard Consulting, a firm building non-profits’ capacity through fundraising, PR and strategic planning efforts, has adopted the mantra “Be Healthy.” It drives how the company does business and how it serves its clients.

Kerri Mollard

Mollard Consulting represents educational, cultural, human service and community-based organizations such as the YWCA Columbus, Disability Rights Ohio, The Childhood League Center, Southern Gateway Initiative and Thurber House.

In 2003 Mollard started Mollard Consulting with 19 years of non-profit experience and a strong passion to see non-profits thrive. As is typical with most new businesses, Mollard’s passion for helping non-profits turned into an unbalanced approach to both work and personal life.

“As a business owner, there is no line of distinction between the “just right” level of work and life balance,” Mollard says. “We often navigate it as we go. In the non-profit sector, I was giving 100 percent of my time and I carried this approach into my new business.”

However, a turning point occurred when a mentor who helped give Mollard her start in Columbus passed away, followed by her own major health setback and the loss of her mother. These three events spurred Mollard to seek balance.

“I always believed I had some control but underestimated what it took to start a business,” Mollard says. “I was still working too many hours. I always put client needs before my own believing that was what made me a good business owner. I was providing exceptional responsiveness at the risk of my own health.”

As the journey to “Be Healthy” began, Mollard took a three-fold approach for herself, her business and clients to have healthy financial statements, a healthy board and a healthy team.

Following her new mantra of “Be Healthy,” Mollard met with a wellness coach, reduced her client load and revised her pricing.

“I was now very mindful of meeting client’s needs but to be productive I understood that I must first be well,” Mollard says.

This clearer focus led to business growth beyond her capacity as a solopreneur. Mollard made the critical decision to grow the business by hiring employees. However, to gain the guidance she needed to grow strategically, Mollard applied to the 2015 ScaleUp America Entrepreneur Exchange Program.

The program empowered Mollard to move forward with an established growth plan, which resulted in phenomenal success within a three-month timeframe.

“My current pipeline of clients is greater than I ever had in 12 years and it will exceed last years’ revenues, which was a record year for the business,” Mollard says.

Armed with new business skills and the “Be Healthy” approach, Mollard has since moved from her home into office space, used program connections and CPA resources to hire staff and transition to QuickBooks, obtained a business line of credit for growth and threw in two duathlons, a quarter marathon, and 100 mile Pelotonia ride to round it out.

“I’m a different business owner now,” Mollard says. “I’ve now set a 10-year target, a three-year picture and one-year plan as a result of the program. I’ve taken what I’ve learned, integrated “Be Healthy” and have given myself permission to think big, achieve big and above all, be healthy!”

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