ScaleUp Success: Sheri Chaney-Jones of Measurement Resources Company

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In any business, the adage “your numbers tell a story” remains true. For most for-profits, the story is often straight forward with standard profit and loss measures to determine the impact. However, for non-profits and government agencies, the challenge is quite different.

Telling their story involves quantifying less tangible outcomes, such as how a life or circumstance were changed. This is a question, or more importantly, an expectation of the non-profit grantors and funders.

This is where Measurement Resources Company (MRC) comes in. Founded by Sheri Chaney-Jones in 2008, Measurement Resources Company is a full-service organizational development and research firm with a simple goal – help government and non-profits become high performing.

Prior to starting MRC, Chaney-Jones held leadership positions with state and local governments with the role of developing systems that measure and communicate impact and create a culture of continuous learning.

Sheri Chaney-Jones
Sheri Chaney-Jones

“I would see the agencies that we funded struggle with these same concepts that I enjoyed implementing and had great results,” Chaney-Jones says.

In 2008 while still working, Chaney-Jones launched MRC as a consultant focusing uniquely on data to align culture, mission and success metrics for ultimate organizational impact.

“My passion began with putting out a shingle,” Chaney-Jones says. “I wanted to be able to help more organizations.”

Demand grew as non-profit and government agencies sought her services to help tell the quantifiable story of the impact they were making to their funders. In 2010, Chaney-Jones’ shingle became a full-time successful business.

Since then, MRC has helped numerous government agencies and non-profits experience significant outcomes ranging from securing more funding and providing greater service to clients, to building strong organizational cultures.

During the recent State of Ohio budget crisis, MRC turned performance data into an interactive communication tool that demonstrated program savings. The tool was used to restore program funding and resulted in a demonstrated savings of $250,000,000 in Medicare spending.

Needless to say, with a desire to share her proven methodology, Chaney-Jones published a book in 2014 titled Impact & Excellence.

“It highlights that all businesses need the right leadership, the right culture and the right success measures,” Chaney-Jones says – all of which are key tenets of her business services and speaking engagements.

Yet with all this success, she arrived at a crossroads.

“I struggled with the transition of no longer being a solopreneur yet not ready to let go,” Chaney-Jones says. “I needed help navigating to the next level.”

MRC4Recognizing she alone didn’t have all the answers, she enrolled in the Entrepreneur Exchange™ Program.

As a result, Chaney-Jones reassessed the skill sets needed for her business and implemented strategic hiring practices, getting the right people in the right seat. The program also provided her with external accountability and fundamentally changed how she strategically conducts business. For example, she has completed her 2016 budget and projections, six months ahead of her typical timeframe.

Chaney-Jones attributes a significant portion of MRC’s 182 percent growth this year to the program, particularly the support of her peers and the vision work conducted in class. These aspects increased her confidence, helped her to pursue bigger projects and increased the company’s capacity to serve clients.

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